Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Thief by Bonnie Dee

Street hustler Jody plays any role that will win the confidence of a mark. His sights are set on Lord Cyril Belmont, a potential ticket to financial freedom that could change Jody’s life. With a fake investment scheme in mind and larceny in his heart, he sets a snare for the wealthy gentleman.

Cyril Belmont may have a title but he’s as broke as a china plate and on the verge of selling his dilapidated country estate to start a new life in America. When his quiet, solitary life is invaded by a bright, passionate man who sets his head spinning, Cyril is ready to share whatever he has with the electrifying stranger—including the deepest recesses of his heart.

As Jody begins to cultivate inexplicable feelings for the sweet, gentle man who raises rare orchids, he intends to end his seduction and slink back to the ghetto. But then his cover is blown and the budding romance is crushed.

It takes an ocean voyage and several unexpected twists of fate to bring two strangers to a true understanding of each other and the very real bond they share.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

The Thief is another fantastic historical romance by Bonnie Dee. Like most historical romances, you need to be in the mood to read it, and it gets off to a slow start.

The writing is great, with the language and sentence structure well representative of the time period. 

This book starts with some dishonest intentions as Jody is a thief set on stealing from Cyril. These are men from two different classes, with different statuses in life. 

This is the story of two men who society doesn't want together and the many obstacles they face along the way. After a slow start, the story picks up and by the end, I couldn't put it down. It includes a cruise from London to America, with the two men sneaking around and trying to figure out how to be together. The Ellis Island bits are very interesting and well explored.

And holy crap, add in realistic situations like Dieter, and cue the tears. 

Told in dual person pov, the reader is easily able to follow along with both men and their developing feelings. The author definitely does justice to the ways of the world at the time. 

The Thief is a wonderful read. I highly recommend this Bonnie Dee book to anyone who loves historical romances. It's emotional and a charming read. 

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