Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sheltered (The End, and the Beginning #1) by Sariah Skye

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Almost three years ago now, the world as we all knew it ended.
But my life didn’t.
When news came about of the virus that would eventually take out billions, I hopped on my bike and headed into the mountains of Montana to hide. That’s where I’ve been ever since, alone in this abandoned town.
Until one day, from seemingly out of nowhere, a beautiful man literally stumbled outside my doorstep. He was weak, vulnerable, and needed protection. Needed shelter. He was a victim of horrible experiments, imprisoned by the same “people” that caused the virus to begin with, forced to endure agony I could never fathom.
Until now.
He needed me to keep him safe.
I needed him to remember that life is still worth living.
In the end, he and I will prove that love is the only thing left that matters.


My Rating - 4 Stars!

Sheltered is an interesting dystopian read by Sariah Skye. At first, I was weary, as this isn't the best time to read a dystopian story, but I am glad I persisted. 

The story is well done, with an interesting world and intriguing characters. It's a story of diseases, aliens, mates, and more. There is a good amount of suspense, as the reader slowly learns what's going on.

The story is one of two gay men who meet when Zeke helps save Niam. Their story is a rollercoaster ride for sure, full of action, danger, and romance. The writing is wonderful and story telling is great. I am definitely impressed with the writing. 

Overall, Sarah Skye's Sheltered is a satisfying dystopian story. It's well worth a read next time you're in the mood for an end of the world survival story. 

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