Thursday, May 28, 2020

Crazy Little Fling (Love & Luck #3) by Isla Olsen


It’s not exactly what I’d call the ideal situation—being introduced to your bio-dad’s best mate only to realize he’s the sexy older guy you hooked up with a couple of weeks ago—but it’s also not the worst thing to ever happen in history. The way I see it, this is fate. The universe is throwing Shay Kelly in my path again because it knows how much I’ve been dying for another shag with him.

I have four weeks before I need to go back to London, and I know exactly how I’d like to spend that time. And fortunately for me, Shay’s just as keen for a repeat or ten as I am.

All we need is a few ground rules to keep this little fling in check…

Rule One: It’s temporary

Makes sense—neither of us do the long-term bit. And it’s not like we can continue with this once I move back to London.

Rule Two: No dates, just sex

Easy peasy—sex is the best part of dating anyway.

Rule Three: We keep it between us

Perfect—sneaking around and concocting elaborate lies is a right turn on.

Rule Four: No falling in love

Love? Me? In four weeks? There’s a better chance of me inventing the solution to climate change.

Warning: this book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like British slang, and anyone who doesn’t like smokin’ hot older guys and sexy red-haired twinks having lots of sex and trying not to fall in love.

*Happily Ever After included

My Rating - 4.5  Stars!

Isla Olsen's Crazy Little Fling, the third book in the Love & Luck series is a great May to December romance. From the start, with a hot hookup, I knew where this story was going. But who cares? I love it!!

Yes, it starts with a fun and playful hookup. It happens to be one of those hookup where the two men can't stop thinking about each other afterwards. 

All in all, this is a hook up between a young man, Jamie and the best friend of his long lost father. Messy? Possibly. 

This is a fast paced story, with a big, loud, crazy group of characters. There's a lot going on with tons of characters and not a lot of detail. It's a little too much to follow at times, but it's worth it. 

Adding to the fun, the two men live on different continents, thus they are planning on just sex, and nothing more. And then the feelings get involved. 

The author gifts us with plenty of humor, especially hysterical and family texts. The whole story is written in a fun and flirty manner. And I love it all. The writing style is wonderful, everything flows perfectly, and the dialogue is great. 

Crazy Little Fling is sweet and fluffy! And in the end, this Isla Olsen book is adorable. I love books like this, and continue to love this series.

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