Friday, May 29, 2020

REVIEW TOUR -MF - Mean Crush (Unbroken: Mending the Hearts of Alpha Bad Boys #1) by KL Bryce

Title: Mean Crush
Series: Unbroken: Mending the hearts of alpha bad boys Book 1
Author: K.L. Bryce
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 9, 2020

★★★★★ "Couldn’t put it down!!! I’ve read 50 books so far this year and this one is definitely a favorite!" - Amazon Review
★★★★★ "You gotta love the ultra protective alpha nature of Reed." - Goodreads Review

Reed freaking Walker.
My best friend’s gorgeous older brother.
My former mean crush.
A man I swore to loathe for all of eternity is back.
And now I’m stuck with him at a secluded cabin…alone!

It's fine. I can handle this.
He will not ruin my plans to win back my ex.
Mark is safe, predictable, and reliable… everything Reed isn’t.
I don’t care if Reed gives me that hot guy side smile or those intense midnight blue stares that melt me in places he doesn’t belong.
This time, I refuse to cave into him like a starry-eyed teenager in love.
But Reed seems to have other plans:
to take back what he thinks belongs to him…ME.

MEAN CRUSH is the first installment of K. L. Bryce's hot new Unbroken series. An uputdownable New Adult first love romance with LOL moments, passion and angst, and all the feels. Can be read as a standalone.


My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

KL Bryce's Mean Crush, the first book in the Unbroken: Mending the Hearts of Alpha Bad Boys series, is a good best friend's brother romance. 

This book follows Tabitha and Reed through the years, from when she was a young girl who declared her desire for him to be her first, to the long awaited happy ending after.

This is my favorite trope, and the characters here are captivating. Their journey is full of longing and love, as well as lies and pain. Their emotions are front and center, easily felt by the reader. 

The middle years are jumped over, but it works, and we don't miss anything. As this story is all about Tabitha and Reed, they are all we really need. 

Mean Crush is an enjoyable best friend's brother romance. With all the feels, this KL Bryce book will leave you satisfied. 



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