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Ryders's Guardian (Maiden Voyage #1) by TL Travis & Ann Lister

Maiden Voyage, Book 1

Ryder's Guardian Cover front final

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For Maiden Voyage guitarist, Ryder Hampton, life is great. He and his bandmates are embarking upon an epic European double headlining tour with their friends from Social Sinners with the band Embrace the Fear opening for them.

Since joining Maiden Voyage in his twenties, Ryder’s life has been a whirlwind of the cliched, “Sex, drugs and monumental doses of Rock ‘n Roll. And he’s loved every minute of it from the sold out shows to the revolving door of bed partners.

Max Hightower has always been a team player. Whether it was working with his team in the Marines or now with the private security company, Ventura Security. These days, his job was to have the backs of a band of musicians. One band member in particular he'd allowed to get too close and now emotions were involved.

Ryder Hampton had left his mark on Max's closed-off heart and now Max's job was in jeopardy. Falling for your principal wasn't safe – nor smart. Neither was missing the mark on protecting him and now Max was guilty of both. The security detail he'd begged his boss for had turned out to be the one that could ruin him and shatter his heart too. Max couldn't allow either option to happen.

Maiden Voyage series must be read in order as each book starts where the last one ended but is from another band members point of view:

1 – Ryder’s Guardian
2 – Derek’s Destiny
3 – Jaxson’s Nemesis
4 – Shadow’s Light

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Oh, how I love Ryder's Guardian, the first book in the Maiden Voyage series by TL Travis and Ann Lister. 

As an avid fan of both authors, who each excel in writing fabulous rock romances, I have been excited for this one since it was announced. And it is everything I was hoping it would be!

I love these guys and their large groups of friends, who are like family. From the very start, I felt like I was back with my own family. They are all fantastic characters who I have come to love over the years. 

This book is the romance between Max and Ryder. Cue the 
boss/employee, rock god/bodyguard tropes. They are super sweet, funny, and cute as a couple. Their story is hot and romantic, as well as full of action and danger, as they have to deal with a stalker. 

Of course, the forbidden aspect of their relationship adds to the fun with the secrets and sneaking around. 

The writing style is fabulous, as this writing duo crafts multi-layered, interesting, and lovable characters. The storyline is riveting, leaving me up late into the night to finish in one sitting. 

As I mentioned before, with the large group of friends, it is the continued involvement of past characters that make this book so special. These authors have managed to bring together several series, entwining them perfectly. 

And then later, later they go and practically rip my heart out! Commence emotion overload. I am not mentioning specifics, but be warned. 

As a fan of music myself, I love the following quote. "People liked songs that resonated within them...Everyone assimilates lyrics to events in their lives...We are drawn to songs, to lyrics that call out to us for one reason or another..."

Ryder's Guardian is an amazing addition to the resumes of TL Travis and Ann Lister. If you are a fan or rocker romances, this is a must read. I know I'll be adding it to my re-read list and anxiously anticipating the next book in the series. 

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