Sunday, May 3, 2020

Deep Down (Crush #4) by Elouise East

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Trusting your instincts can have unexpected consequences...

Craig is a website designer. He spends much of his time happily chained to his desk and, as a boyfriend, he looks after the home while his partner works. It’s all about balance.

Alex is a workaholic doctor, often covering others’ shifts because a busy hospital is where he is most comfortable. He doesn’t have much of a social life even with his best friend dragging him out. He knows nothing about balance.

But Craig’s life is not as picture perfect as it appears… And when Alex has to patch him up, he realises something is amiss with Craig’s relationship. Craig is just another patient, but Alex can’t let him go back into a dangerous situation.

But when Alex reaches out, Craig’s boyfriend sees him as a threat and Craig’s carefully balanced life falls apart - under the fists of the man who has promised to love him.

As a doctor, Alex can heal Craig’s body, but it is up to Craig to learn to heal his own heart… and maybe, give love another chance.

*This book contains sensitive material that could be a trigger for some*

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Elouise East's Deep Down is way more than I was expecting. The fourth book in the Crush series, it is easily read as a standalone. 

Before you even consider reading this book, note that this book is about domestic abuse. If that is a trigger for you, just pass on by. 

Now, as for the story itself. I struggled with the writing at the very beginning. But it didn't take long for me to be sucked in by the storyline. 

This is the story of two men who meet under the worst of circumstances. Craig is injured and Alex is his doctor. Alex immediately suspects domestic abuse at play, and can't let this suspicion go. 

I have to admit that Alex definitely is a little creepy with the way he goes above and beyond to check on Craig. However, these incidences help guide the plot along the way, so just go with it. 

This is a powerful story, as the author tackles some serious issues. The author expertly explores that one can be a serious victim of abuse without ever thinking they are being abused. The author excels at illustrating the calculating ways of an abuser. And in the end, the author shows the reader the struggle one has to endure upon recovery. This part is enlightening for sure. 

Deep Down is a tough read, but this Elouise East story is a wonderful one of survival, healing, and hope. 

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