Friday, May 8, 2020

Crash (Northwoods # 2) by Grant C. Holland

“Please don’t let me die.”

When Hal, a victim of a small plane crash in the Minnesota Northwoods, first met Gabe, the earliest EMT on the scene, surviving to see another day was the only thing on his mind. But there is more behind the warm, reassuring smile. Gabe is like a stone dropped into the pond of Hal's life, causing ripples that will change everything forever.

Hal Brentwood is the straight son of an East Coast corporate titan. With his good looks and innocent charm, he’s selected as the family’s ticket into the world of politics.

Gabe Peligo is a triple-trained first responder for the small Northwoods town of Arrowhead Falls. He’s EMT, firefighter, and sometimes police presence in an area that caters to thousands of tourists looking for an escape from their hectic world back home. Saving lives is his life work.

In the hospital following the crash, a spark passes between Hal and Gabe. Outdoor adventures fan a smoldering attraction into flames. Gabe brings Hal to life in ways that he never expected.

Unfortunately, life circumstances threaten to stop them from building a relationship. Gabe’s circle of friends are natural political enemies for Hal. The idea of Hal coming out gay during a political campaign is anathema to his campaign manager and, ultimately, his all-powerful father. Will their hearts find a way to be together or will the interests of others be impossible to overcome?

Crash is a 60,000 word male-male romance set in the Northwoods of Minnesota. It is the second book in the Northwoods series and includes characters from the first. It may be read as a standalone romance. It includes first time gay, coming out, and fish out of water themes. There are steamy moments and a guaranteed happy ending.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Crash is the second book in Grant C Holland's Northwoods series, which is a sweet small town series.

This one has politics involved, as Hal, a city guy comes to Northwoods to run for office. When he's in a plane crash, he meets Gabe, who saves his life. What follows is a great romance, with a lone kiss and some nice first times and a whole lot of character growth. 

Hal has been living the life he's been forced into. He's always been closeted, denying his desires. Until meeting Gabe, and suddenly wanting more. 

The writing is wonderful, as the author excels in combining small town feels with tender romance. Both men are well developed, with unique backgrounds, personalities, and voices. And both men are perfectly lovable. I enjoy the easy manner with everything unfolds for them. It's definitely a story of two men who are meant to be together, and make one another better. 

I truly enjoyed Crash. This Grant C Holland story is perfect when you're looking for a sweet coming out romance. 

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