Saturday, May 16, 2020

Gotta Keep Moving (Go Forward Book 2) by Whitney Cannon

After being kicked out of his parents’ house for being gay, Ty has had to adjust to his new life - moving in with his friend, Patton and attending public school for the first time. While Ty struggles with the loss of his family, he begins to realize that in losing those who would never love him for who he really was, he’s also gained a measure of freedom he’d never known before. Freedom to become the person he wants to be, freedom to pursue his love of music, and freedom to pursue the love of another boy that could change his life forever.

Over a year after becoming paralyzed in a stupid childish accident, Laurie has all but come to terms with the fact that he will be stuck in his wheelchair for the rest of his life. His graduating class has moved on, his single mother works long hours to pay for his medical bills, and Laurie finds solace in sharing his music with the world via YouTube. One thing Laurie has not come to terms with, however, is the fact that he will never find anyone who can look past his disability and love him regardless of his limitations.

How can two boys from two completely different walks of life find each other amidst their own personal struggles? Can Ty and Laurie help each other come to terms with their new realities? Or will their personal demons get in the way of them discovering a love that could heal them both?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Gotta Keep Moving is an impressive story. This Whitney Cannon book, the second in the Go Forward series, is well worth a read. 

Ty and Laurie are two teenagers who meet online. Both are boys who are familiar with life changing tragedies. Both are boys who could have given up in life. But both have persevered and thrive together.

Laurie is paralyzed, spending his life in a wheelchair after a self-proclaimed stupid accident. Meanwhile, Ty has been disowned after his cult like family discovered his sexuality. I appreciate the way the two can relate to one another and understand each another. 

The author excels in creating these lovable and heart-felt characters. These young men are inspirational and absolutely lovable. And together, they are even more so.

Their story is one of hope and love. It's well written and is a beautiful quick read. And oh how I love Laurie's mom. She is the mom everyone should have. 

Best of all though, is the way Ty sees Laurie, which in turn helps Laurie grow in his confidence. I adore these boys and love their story. 

Gotta Keep Moving is a remarkable tale. This young adult romance is the perfect read when you're in the mood for something inspirational and happy in the world. 

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