Sunday, May 3, 2020

Submitting to Fate (A Collection of Strays, #5) by Toby Wise

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I hide behind snarky comments and teasing smiles because letting people see the true me is terrifying. The day I find out Wyn is my mate, all the BS falls away. He sees me, the real me, and instead of running for the hills, he stays by my side. My past reminds me of my failings but Wyn says I’m good. As I submit to him, just maybe I'll learn to believe him. -Rhett

Here I am, finding myself mated for the second time, pregnant without even really trying with a mouthy, bratty alpha. What the heck was Lady Fate thinking? As time goes on and with a little trial and error, Rhett and I learn to fit into our new dynamics. Rhett may submit to me, but I submit to Lady Fate, and so far, She's never pushed me past what I could take. -Wyn

This 30k word story is book five in A Collection of Strays Series. Within you'll find true mate dragons, eggpreg, shiny marbles, found family, a cat named Dog, and a happily ever after. 

My Rating - Stars!

Submitting to Fate is the fifth book in Toby Wise's A Collection of Strays series. It is easily read as a standalone.

It's short and sweet, as well as sexy with a little bit of kink. This is an omegaverse story with fated mates who become bonded, but don't really know one another. What follows is funny, as well as hot. And yes, there are eggs that are laid!

Toby Wise's writing is great, entertaining the reader with a cute shifter romance. Submitting to Fate is well worth a read for any omegaverse fans. 

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