Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Looks Can Be Deceiving (The Lodge #2) by Quinn Ward

How can a single parent long for someone to call Daddy?

Everything I do is to make sure my daughter has a good life. More often than not, that means I have to ignore my own desires, but she's worth it.

Working at a kink club might not have been my best move, but the tips make up for the torture of being faced with my fantasies every night.

One night, that's all William asked for...

One night will never be enough for me. As soon as I felt his arms holding me while I fell asleep in his lap, I was hooked. He encourages me to be little, but understands it's not something I can give him all the time.

He loves me just as I am, whether I'm little and needy or on my knees and begging for him.

When the sides of my life collide, will it all be too much for William?

Looks Can Be Deceiving is the second book set at The Lodge, the quirkiest kink club in Annandale. It features an overworked single dad and a retired soldier who avoids any structure in his life until his boy needs mandated nap time and play time.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

As I am already a huge fan of age play, I found myself super excited to read Quinn Ward's Looks Can Be Deceiving. The second book in The Lodge series, it is delightful. And what a treat it is that the little is actually a father with a small child. Seriously, this is spectacular.

Corey's need for having a daddy, and the way he calms down while in little space is well explored. I absolutely love the way William helps Corey out. Their story is hot, sweet, and funny. They are perfect for one another, and their chemistry is sizzling. 

The character growth Corey experiences throughout is wonderful and his daughter is adorable. We don't see her much, so don't let her presence turn you off if you don't like children in your books. We actually see more of Corey as a little than we do of his daughter. 

Overall, I love Looks Can Be Deceiving. I love it all!!! This Quinn Ward book is a must read for any fans of age play. 

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