Thursday, May 7, 2020

Of Paper and Wood by Amy Bellows


To inherit the family fortune, I must marry a woman. But first I have one chance at a night of passion with a man.

I just wish I could share it with someone who would treat me more like a lover than a customer.

After all, it’s my first time. My only time.


Alesto Markin sics his werewolf lackey on anyone who can’t pay him back. One bite, and my life as I know it will be over. My only hope of paying off my staggering debt is my godfather’s brothel.

I just never expected the man who hired me to be young. Or sweet.

I certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him.

Of Paper and Wood
 is a sweet love story of two men who share many firsts together. In a world of wands and werewolves, where their fate is either rags or riches, being together could cost them everything.

While Amy Bellows normally writes books set in the omegaverse. Of Paper and Wood is not. You can still expect magic, humor, and a big HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Of Paper and Wood is an impressive read by Amy Bellows. Fantasy and magic are not my typical read, but for certain authors, I have to take a chance. And Amy Bellows is definitely one such author.

This is an emotional story of complete opposites. One's rich and being forced into marrying a woman. The other is poor and is going to be a sex worker to save himself. 

Troy and Park are both virgins when they meet. And it definitely isn't the typical brothel experience. The two men quickly become emotionally attached. 

This is a story with werewolves and magical mirrors, a story with depth and heart. There are plenty of steamy scenes, including a fun docking scene. But, the thing that takes this book from good to great, is the emotional depth of the feelings these two men have for one another. 

The author does a wonderful job developing this unique world and all it entails. Magic, fairy tales, wands, and more are all present. It's fun, entertaining, and a nice escape read.

Of Paper and Wood is a riveting story of first love and first times. Amy Bellows impresses in this story of making sacrifices for love. Her combination of fantasy, magic, kink, and emotion makes this a must read.

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