Thursday, May 28, 2020

Shameless (Wrecked #3) by Kelly Fox

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Two things I know for sure:
1. Cheerleading absolutely prepared me to become a US Navy SEAL
2. Heath Treadway hates my guts

Let’s just say that this beautiful bear’s hatred for me involves a high school nickname and possibly a limerick. #badtwink

Now, he's back in my life. And all I wanna do is show him that I’ve changed.

My attempts so far have ended in hospitalization, second-degree burns, and a destroyed towel rack. To be fair, I blame that last one on the hate sex.

Worse than all of that? I’ve started to catch feelings, and if he finds out about the military op that forever changed me, it might be game over.

I mean… can he forgive me if I can’t even forgive myself?

Shameless is post-military enemies-to-lovers MM romance set in a gym for combat vets. It features muscled twinks, beautifully-bellied bears, and a four-year-old with a lisp.

Note: This book depicts military violence, but the HEA is guaranteed.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kelly Fox's Shameless, the third book in the Wrecked series, is fabulous. 
All the emotions come out in this story of second chances and redemption. 

This is a story of attraction and hate sex. It's a story of not being able to admit one's feelings. It starts with some animosity, as these men where enemies in high school. 

In the beginning, it's tough to figure out who was the bad guy. Of course, it ends up neither is. Roly was a jerk in high school and his mocking of the large sized Heath came with lasting effects. Heath is a bear who has always been heavy, and Roly made his life hell. 

I love Roly, especially his reason for being attracted to bears now. It's so damn touching. 

Their story is one of a whole lot of hate sex. At first. 

This story includes PTSD, guilt, and more, all of which is well developed. There are self esteem and self worth issues. As with the previous books in the series, the author includes a wonderful, large group of friends in this story. They are all lovable and add immensely to the fun. Basically, if you're a fan of series with returning friends, you'll enjoy this one a lot. 

In a touching subplot to the tale, Heath's daughter faces many challenges, and her story will break your heart. 

And in the end, the author explores the power of words, as they have been used against people and capable of scarring people for years. It's poignant and an important thing to remember. 

Shameless is a stellar tale that reinforced that people grow and change. If you enjoy seeing character growth, you will love Shameless. 

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