Monday, September 24, 2018

The Boyfriend Contract by Jason Collins

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It’s normal for your new boss to ask you to be his fake boyfriend at the interview, right?
When I pulled up to the run-down old vineyard, I wasn’t expecting a man like Ethan Carrington to answer the door. Tall, chiseled, and passionate, he wants to wine and dine me.
But there’s a catch.
Ethan tells me he wants me to pretend to be his boyfriend to impress investors. I’m reluctant, but I need the money, and there are many perks to working with the drop-dead-gorgeous man in charge.
The job is good, the benefits are better, and the boss is absolutely stunning. I can pretend to be his boyfriend, no problem.
That’s all this is. An arrangement that we’ll both benefit from.
But soon enough, I’m under the influence of more than just the fine wine I’ve been serving…

He's gorgeous and he just gave me the best Climax I’ve ever had.
Well, at least that was the name of the sample drink he prepared for me during the interview. And as it turns out, I need him as much as he needs me.
I used to be all about nightlife and having a good time, but those days came to a screeching halt when my father gave me an ultimatum: either get my act together and restore an old property to a profitable level or risk being cut out of the family inheritance.
Except the vineyard I’m working on is a work in progress and will need renovation from the ground up. Investors won’t touch me with a ten-foot pole – they want proof that I’m good with long-term commitments.
A stable boyfriend would do the trick. Now if only one of those would come knocking at my door.
All my dreams come true when Brett walks in. Sexy and so damn irresistible, he needs a job, and I have just the task in mind.
He’s perfect fake boyfriend material, and I can think of more than just one job I want to give him.
Question is…will Brett play along?

My Rating -  4 Stars!

If you are a fan of Jason Collins, you will definitely enjoy The Boyfriend Contract.

Ethan hires Brett to be the bartender at his new vineyard, as well as hiring him to be his fake boyfriend. As they spend time together, the lines between employer/employee start to blur, as the attraction between the men is strong. Soon, what starts as a fake relationship with benefits becomes more. 

This romance contains some fun angst in the form of Ethan's dad, who not only belittles and insults Ethan's business skills, but also doesn't want him dating the help. All in all, his dad's an ass who continually tries to cause trouble, creating an extremely memorable dinner scene.

I love Ethan's drive to succeed despite everything his dad tries to throw his way. Ethan certainly knows his stuff, and with Brett's help they certainly can make this new business successful.

Ethan and Brett are perfect together. Their attraction is hot and their moments together are intense. I adore the way that Brett makes Ethan feel loved.

Overall, The Boyfriend Contract is another fun book by Jason Collins. Check it out when you're in the mood for a sweet romance.

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