Friday, September 21, 2018

Glacier Gold by Crystel Greene

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Up in the Alps, a single night can change your life.

Struggling college student and self-taught graphic artist Justin Bennet isn’t the most self-confident guy, but he knows he’s good at two things: snowboarding and sex. Why does Andi, the hot instructor at the Tyrolean ski resort, pretend Justin doesn’t exist?
Justin becomes all but obsessed with the idea of scoring with the young Austrian. Because for all the man’s reserve, he made it quite obvious he likes Justin—at least from the neck down.
When Justin books a private heliboarding trip with Andi as his guide, he thinks he’s one step away from striking gold.
But then the forces of nature take over, trapping the men in a snowstorm, and things get real. What was supposed to be about some freeriding fun and inviting a closeted guy to start exploring his options suddenly becomes about survival—and the hidden truths of the soul.

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My Rating - 4 Stars!

Glacier Gold, by Crystel Greene, is light-hearted and amusing. It is short, fast paced and entertaining.

Justin's a sex obsessed college student who's on vacation in Austria with his friends. The first time he sets his eyes on resort employee, Andi, Justin knows he needs to have him. Too bad Andi keeps ignoring or rejecting him.

At first, I didn't like Justin much, finding his behavior pathetic, but by the end, he was redeemed in my eyes, as he changed upon finding love. I like the relationship and them as a couple, as they were fun, had some nice banter, and helped the other to grow.

Check out Crystel Greene's Glacier Gold when you're in the mood for a quick, good-natured romance.

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