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GRL 2018 SPOTLIGHT - Shaw Montgomery - Us (The Weight Of A Word #1)

In my attempt to cover some of the attending authors for this year's GRL,
I am reviewing 

Shaw Montgomery's Us!


Dare loves challenging convention.As a Dom who looks more like a twink, Dare doesn’t mind second glances and getting people’s attention. Since he’s an exhibitionist and not shy at all, most of the time, he likes it. But when two hunky jocks spend their evening at a local club staring at him, with no intention of actually talking to him, he knows he might have found exactly who he’s looking for.

Scott and Ryan aren’t sure if they’re ready to challenge convention.

Carrying secrets is getting to be harder than Ryan and Scott ever imagined it would be, which is why they were almost ready to confess the things they’d worked so hard to keep private for years—especially from each other. But when Dare comes along and makes it clear he knows exactly what the sexy, muscular best friends are hiding, they have to decide if it’s worth coming out again for—because sometimes, it’s not just sexuality that gets hidden in a closet.
When one dominant almost-twink lands in the laps of two sexy, not-so-submissive-looking hunks, they each have to decide if they’re ready to take the next step and admit what they desperately want.

Author’s Note: This is the first book in The Weight of a Word series. Each book in the series will follow Dare, Ryan, and Scott as they explore their new relationship. Every book will have a HFN ending and will not end in cliffhangers. I have no idea how long the series will be. Have fun with my sweet guys.

46k Words
Story Contains: M/M/M sexual content, mild BDSM, teasing, two hunky submissives, and one twink Dom

My Rating - 5  Stars!

Us is the first book in Shaw Montgomery's The Weight Of A Word Series. It is classic Shaw, and is sure to entertain.  

Scott and Ryan have long been best friends, but when Dare enters their life, everything changes. The way their relationship evolves is fun, as they decide to all date each other, with a memorable first date.

Have I mentioned I love a good menage? No, well, I do. Love them!

I find Dare's confidence in the situation to be quick, but also perfect for the situation. It's definitely fun to explore a twink being dominant. As well, it's exciting to see a big strong guy as a submissive. Honestly, Scott and Ryan are so niave and awkward, making them so darn adorable!

Dare's relationship with his mother is awesome, resulting in some great humor. They are so open with each other that it's staggering, and funny! 

As for Dare, wow, love him. He is fascinating in his ability to be so upfront about what he wants. And he's exquisite in way the helps Scott and Ryan open up about their needs. 

This story contains some great steamy scenes, some BDSM scenes, and the  enjoyable beginnings of a potentially amazing relationship. The exploration and self-discovery of the men is well done, with all the hesitancy and pleasure.

Shaw Montgomery is well known for this nitch in the M/M romance world, and Us is a wonderful start of what hopes to be a marvelous series.   

Shaw Montgomery

Shaw Montgomery loves reading, traveling, and family. While not necessarily in that order, they all rank pretty close. Shaw has lived all over the United States and even Germany. While the coast of North Carolina is a favorite place Shaw currently lives in the Western United States. Current wish list places to travel to are Australia, Italy, and Scotland.

When Shaw wants to write about things that are a little more taboo (or sometimes a lot more taboo), Shaw writes under the name M.A. Innes. If you like M/m content that is sweet and naughty check out Shaw's other books.

Shaw reads an eclectic mix of genres; everything from Mystery and Sci-Fi Space Westerns, to traditional Romance and all kinds of Erotica. Currently the stories in Shaw's head are femdom romance but there are some M/M and Sci-Fi/Fantasy that can't wait to come out as well.
Shaw welcomes feedback feel free to email questions and comments to...

or contact Shaw on Goodreads for questions or to see blog posts about upcoming books.

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