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GRL 2018 SPOTLIGHT - Jenna Kendrick - Stuck With You

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The Assignment: Discover if forced proximity leads to increased intimacy by being handcuffed to a partner for five days.

Jamie O'Connor's closet is tightly closed and full of secrets. Attending college on a baseball scholarship, he's hiding an injury along with his sexuality. A college degree is the key to escaping his family's oppressive expectations. Until he graduates, he needs to play ball, both on the field and off. Being partnered with an openly gay classmate for a sociology project threatens to put more than just his free college ride at risk.

Seth Lerner's closet is empty, but that's because his baggage is always right by his side. Managing his severe ADHD while trying to overcome an earlier setback leaves him little time for any kind of social life, much less a relationship. He certainly can't afford the distraction of falling for his closeted project partner.

Neither Jamie nor Seth plan on letting this assignment get in the way of their objectives. But secrets may come out and goals can change when you're stuck together.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Stuck With You is definitely a fun read, as Jenna Kendrick manages to create a nice romance within a unique and interesting storyline.

We get to follow as Jamie and Seth are literally "stuck together" for a school project. The two young men are complete opposites and don't get along in the beginning. Being tethered to each other can either make or break a friendship. In their case, it definitely creates a friendship. And a strong attraction. But it's all a secret.

There's a good amount of angst, as Jamie is firmly stuck in the closet, and he  takes his frustrations and confusion out on Seth. It's not easy to read as Jamie is cruel to him. Seth is a great guy, so nice and caring, and Jamie really treats him like shit for a bit. 

In the end, they are able to find a way to get over these incidences and to face Jamie's issues, resulting in a happy ending for them. 

Personally I love a good college romance, especially when it contains athletes, and being closeted. So this one is right up my alley! It contains some homophobia, a controlling father, and some secrets. The writing is fast, enjoyable and will have you feeling a range of emotions. But feel you will. You'll get mad, you'll be sad and you'll be happy.

This is the first time I've read anything by Jenna Kendrick, and I am glad I did. Stuck With You contains a great concept, is written well, and kept me compelled and entertained throughout.

Jenna Kendrick

Jenna Kendrick writes contemporary, new adult, and paranormal romance about smart guys with a propensity for snark. Jenna went to a small college in the woods of Western Massachusetts, where she alternated between bare feet and hiking boots and used dining hall trays as a mode of transportation in the winter. She fell in love with creative writing after writing a satirical essay to get out of yet another literary analysis assignment. Unable to choose a coast or climate zone, she bounced around the country before settling in Upstate New York. She lives with her husband and several furry creatives, some of whom think of her desk as their own.

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