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GRL 2018 SPOTLIGHT - Alexa Land - First And Forever Series

In my attempt to cover some of the attending authors for this year's GRL,
I am reviewing 

Alexa Land!

(Book 1)

Jamie Nolan is a young cop on his first undercover assignment, sent to investigate Dmitri Teplov, a suspected major player in the Russian mafia. Jamie knows better than to get involved with the gorgeous nightclub owner. But right from the start, the spark of attraction between the two of them is undeniable.

Everything about Dmitri is just so unexpected. He’s sweet and shy, and has a nerdy side that Jamie finds irresistible. Can this man really be a criminal?

No matter if Dmitri is guilty or innocent, Jamie’s big Irish Catholic family of cops and his police captain are never going to accept this relationship. Dmitri’s dangerous and manipulative gangster uncle is also none too thrilled that these two are together, and wants Jamie out of the picture. On top of that, Jamie’s still reeling from a recent breakup, and Dmitri is unavailable anyway. Isn’t he?

No way should this thing between them be happening. Getting involved with Dmitri Teplov was never part of the plan. But sometimes, the best plan is the one you make up as you go along.

This book is an erotic gay romance. It contains explicit language, a touch of kink, and lots of steamy sex between two hot guys. FOR ADULT READERS ONLY. Word count: 77,040

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I cannot praise Alexa Land's First and Forever series enough. The series started with Book 1, Way Off Plan and just ended with book 16, The Rest of Forever. This series has forever planted Alexa Land as one of my all time favorite authors. 

Each story revolves around the Dombruso family, and all of their extended family, which ends up including half the town. I love this family. Love them! Love this series! Each book contains so much heart, love and humor.

Alexa Land writes fantastic characters, broken in such a variety of ways, facing hardships that no one should ever have to face, and amazing storylines. Each book will keep you on the edge of your seat, and then almost falling off that seat because you are laughing so hard.

There are so many men that I'll never forget. Jamie and Dmitri's way of meeting is crazy, scary and fantastic! Charlie and Dante, as in OMG Charlie and Dante! I love Charlie. Christopher Robin, who's been through hell. Hunter and Brian. I am still shaken by the Brian we first met. Watching him evolve is amazing! The list goes on and on. Skye!!

The men are cops, mafia members, artists, chefs, sex workers, music stars, surfers, and more. Every man finds his forever love, which will have your heart melting. 

And Nana! OMG, one cannot forget Nana. The Dombrusi grandmother, who raised the boys, is as crazy and feisty as can be. And she sure loves her "gay homosexual" boys!  And penises. Yes, for some reason she always has a way of involving penises in her activities. If you're confused, just read the books. She is one of the most hilarious characters I have ever read. Well, she probably is the most hilarious.

If for some reason you've not read this series, start now. Way Off Plan is the perfect way to start this gem of a series. I cannot thank Alexa Land enough for taking the time to write these books and sharing them with the world.   

And, now, if you're sad that this series had ended, good news, her follow up series is out soon!

Alexa Land

Independent MM romance author of the Firsts & Forever Series, which includes:

1. Way Off Plan
2. All In
3. In Pieces
4. Gathering Storm
5. Salvation
6. Skye Blue
7. Against the Wall
8. Belonging
9. Coming Home
10. All I Believe
10.5 Hitman's Holiday
11. The Distance
12. Who I Used to Be
13. Worlds Away
13.5 Armor

I've also published Feral, a paranormal M/M romance, and The Tinder Chronicles, a paranormal trilogy.
For more information, please visit my blog at: Follow me on Twitter @AlexaLandWrites or find me on Facebook at


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