Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Waiting for Them (Little Hollow #1) by Alie Nolan

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Matty isn’t truly over his first love, even ten years later. Caleb, the boy who stole his heart when he was a teenager, and then disappeared in the middle of the night. Over the years, Matty has imagined seeing Caleb again, but his fantasy reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when he turns up at Caleb’s bakery and meets Caleb’s husband, Elliott.

Elliott is thrilled Caleb is finally getting the opportunity to reunite with the family he walked away from a decade ago. He has always known deep down Caleb’s ex, Matty, and his lost-lost family would find him one day, but nothing could have prepared him for developing feelings for his husband’s ex-boyfriend.

Caleb has never dreamed that he’ll get a second chance with the family that once adopted him, so now that he has, he doesn’t want to risk losing them a second time. Although, when a relationship begins to form between Elliott, Matty, and him, it seems like it can only go one of two ways—he could lose everyone all over again, or finally get everything he’s ever wanted.

Waiting for Them is a 56K word MMM romance that includes second chances, a lost-long family, a small town, and cute animals.

This is the first book in the Little Hollow series, but can be read as a standalone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

From the start, Waiting For Them, grabbed onto me and didn't let me go. This Alie Nolan read is one I had to devour in one sitting. There simply was no other choice.

Damn, it's tough to even explain how much I love this book. Not only is the developing relationship between the three men spectacular, but the relationship between brothers Caleb and Jake is beautiful. Honestly, the whole family aspect is amazing. 

A story years in the making, Caleb is reunited with his younger brother Jake and his ex boyfriend Matty.  Caleb left years ago, all to protect both Jake and Matty. Now, all these years later, Caleb is married to Elliott when Jake and Matty find him.

Cue the intense attraction, longing, and hotness.

Caleb and Elliott are fantastic together. The strength of their relationship is never in doubt. Both men are both attracted to Matty though. And since Matty never stopped loving Caleb, well... Holy Hotness!

I love everything about this story. The author excels in capturing the intensity of each moment, as well as the importance of each moment. Basically, every single bit of this story and the writing are perfectly addictive. Each of the men are well developed and extremely well explored.

If you enjoy polyamory, READ this book! Alie Nolan's Waiting For Them is emotional, beautiful, steamy, romantic and 100% satisfactory. I will definitely be re-reading this gem and can't wait to see what happens next in this small town series. 

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