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Gay for Pay (Stories from the Sound #1) by T.M. Smith

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I don’t know how to explain it—I just woke up one day, and there he was. And he became my everything.

One choice was all it took to destroy Chris’s future.

It’s a mistake that he can’t take back or make right, one that cost another person their life. Adrift, alone, and uncertain of his future, Chris moves to New York, but he quickly learns that the bright lights of the big city don’t offer the absolution he seeks. A fortuitous encounter moves him in the right direction. But is he willing to take the chance he’s offered to make a fresh start?

After catching his boyfriend cheating, again, Linc is convinced that he’ll never find love.

Linc has always been honest about who he is and what he prefers. He’s a bisexual gay porn star that will do just about anything with anyone, on-camera that is, so he can write his own ticket in a versatility-charged industry. It’s not his sexuality that interferes with his personal life; it’s his inability to trust.

With the possibility of a happy ever in their grasp, can these two men let their guard down and take a second chance on love?

NOTE: This story was previously published as Gay for Pay, All Cocks Stories book 1. It has been edited and reworked with a lot of new content added to the story.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Gay For Pay, the first book in the Stories from the Sound series, is a wonderful second chance at love romance. Previously released as book one of An All Cocks Story series, TM Smith has made some edits and added some new content. The heart of the story remains the same. 

The world and the men created in this series are fantastic and absolutely mesmerizing. The beginning is gripping, the end leaves us wanting more, while everything in between is absolutely riveting.

It's full of ambitious and lovable characters, who are all based around the porn studio that Chris finds himself joining. There Chris finds a new family in this group of men. They're supportive, loving and are all one big homemade family, dedicated to taking care of one another. Everything about these men is inspiring and remarkable. As a reader, it's fantastic to see the differences between these porn stars on screen versus in their everyday lives. 

Chris, having always been straight, is doing gay porn to make a living. Accepting his new feelings isn't a quick thing, but it makes for a powerful and emotional journey. One of Chris's main issues to overcome is opening up his heart again. He lost the woman he loved, leaving him feeling unworthy and terrified of loving again. Thus, at it's heart, Gay For Pay is an emotional and atmospheric journey towards opening up one's heart again, and realizing that it's okay to move on and live again.

Meanwhile Linc is a porn star who's still bitter after his ex cheated on him.I love these men and their stories. Their backgrounds, as well as their developing relationship are all wonderfully done, including dealing with Linc's crappy ex and the tough decisions they have to make.

Their story is full of tender emotions, beautiful moments, and some fantastically steamy sex. The large group of friends and family just makes this book even more fabulous. 

One of the things that make this book, and the series, so wonderful and memorable is TM Smith's writing style. Gay For Pay is well written, with outstanding character depth, amazing side characters and some sizzling scenes. The story flows flawlessly, at a smooth pace, keeping the reader hooked and wanting to instantly dive into the next book.

Gay For Pay is a fabulous gay for you romance. It, and the whole All Cocks Series, is one I will continue to re-read. If you haven't read them yet, do yourself a favor and do so. TM Smith will not leave you disappointed!

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