Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Best Friend (Red's Tavern #1) by Raleigh Ruebins

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My best friend’s a former quarterback, and I’m a nerdy math teacher.
He has no idea how badly I want him.

Back in high school, Mitch protected me from bullies and was at my side through tragedy. It didn’t matter that he was a football star and I was a mathlete, or that I was gay and he was straight. We stuck together like glue--until he married a girl and ran away.

Now Mitch is back home, and he’s a divorced single dad. His son is in my math class, and I collide with Mitch everywhere in this small town. When he starts bartending at the only local gay bar, I’m screwed. Red’s Tavern is my haven, but how can I fake it for other guys when I’m in love with the big jock behind the bar?

Then Mitch invites me into his bed, saying it's just for fun. But I’m addicted to him the second his body is on mine.

I’ve done the math a million times. I know the odds are bad, but I know I want him.

And now that he’s given me a taste, I can’t stop begging for more.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Raleigh Ruebins' The Best Friend is an enjoyable second chance for two best friends. 

's always been straight, and when he knocked up his high school girlfriend, his life was set for him. Marriage, kid, Chicago. Basically, he fell into an instant family, yet never really loved his wife. Now divorced, he's back in town with his son.

Evan's always been in love with his straight best friend. Longing for a family all these years, he's never been able to find someone worth dating long time. He just can't stop thinking about Mitch and the one kiss they had years ago.

Now reunited, their story is full of newly developing feelings, some hot first times, and a whole lot of confusion. And holy heat! I love these two men together. It's great the way their new relationship naturally develops, never feeling forced.

Mitch's teenage son helps add a lot to the heart of the story. 

I love the writing. The author knows how to craft a great story, carrying it out wonderfully, except for the overuse of "he said." The dialogue is painful at times, but other than that, I love it all. If the dialogue was more natural and smoother, it would be an exceptional read. 

The author includes a small amount of conflict to keep things interesting, as well as helping with the character growth. And some light hearted humor keeps the reader snickering at times. 

I seriously love the storyline of The Best Friend. Raleigh Ruebins does a great job taking these two men from friends to lovers. It's sweet, tender, and romantic. 

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