Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Burn (Ignite #3) by Nora Phoenix

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In a world where it’s every man for himself, all they can do is hold on to each other…

An MMM survival romance. The last book in an exciting trilogy!

With soldiers next door, the situation has become dire for Austin, Mack, and Tan. Every time they find a solution for one challenge, another arises, ranging from family members who show up unexpectedly to reunions with people they’d never hoped to see again.

But they may have bigger problems when the earthquakes continue and concern increases about the earth crust’s stability. The only way to prevent an even worse disaster is to stop the aliens from drilling for more oil, but how?

They cling to each other as the future looks more and more bleak. Is there any hope left for a happy ever after for them?

Burn is the last book in the suspenseful Ignite trilogy, a slow burn MMM romance set in an alternative world. This series will end with a deeply satisfying HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Nora Phoenix's Burn, the third book in her Ignite series, is a fantastic end to this thrilling trilogy. And yes, you need to have read the first two books to enjoy this. 

Things were bad in Ignite and Smoulder, but things get even worse for the men in Burn. The situation is intense, keeping the reader intrigued throughout. 

A tale of survival, the author mixes action with suspense, danger, romance, and love. It's impressive the way that the emotions continue to be about personal growth as well as the current situations they find themselves in. Not only are these three men trying to survive each day, they are also helping one another to deal with their pasts and comfort one another with undying love. 

More than anything, I enjoy the way the series is wrapped up. Reading along, it's tough to guess where things will go to have a happy ending, but the author definitely succeeds in leaving things off on a great note. I truly love the ending.

I highly recommend Nora Phoenix's Ignite series when you're in the mood for a gay dystopian tale. Be prepared to just go with it, not looking for accuracy in everything, and you'll enjoy every moment of Burn.

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