Sunday, March 8, 2020

Fresh Start (Cedarwood Beach, #1) by Rhys Everly

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If they want to be together, they have to forgive…
Dawson is America’s it boy.
Being a Hollywood A-list actor has come with its cost. And if he doesn't want to lose everything, his secret must stay in the closet.
He never imagined a quick trip to his parents' new home would bring him back. His first, and last, love. The one that ran away.
Leo has failed at everything.
Dead-end modelling career? Check.
Short-lived boy band fame? Check.
Critically panned West End debut? Check.
But, finally, he's about to catch his big break.
Going back home after nearly two decades was meant to be a short stop before following his dream. Instead, he's forced to face his past...and the ex that betrayed him.
Seeing each other again opens old wounds and their hatred is hard to hide. Or is it the spark that is still alive? They failed being in a relationship once. Should they even try a second time?
Welcome to Cedarwood Beach, VA, where the men are hot, the attraction palpable, and the happy ever after unavoidable.
Fresh Start is the first book in the Cedarwood Beach small town romance series and is completely standalone. It contains two rivals in close quarters, a Butterfly festival, and a young niece hell-bent on getting her uncle his happily ever after.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Fresh Start is the first book in Rhys Everly's Cedarwood Beach series. The small town feel is immediately established in this entertaining second chance story. 

Dawson and Leo are former college lovers. Both are famous now, and end up in the same small town, setting off a nice reunion, full of longing and passion. 

Their story includes a closeted actor, former abuse, and a detailed illustration of the pitfalls of fame. The fact that one is never in charge of their own career is front and center. I love these men and their stories. Their backgrounds are compelling and well developed. 
The writing is great overall. The characters are well developed, their storyline carried out well, and the pace seamless. The emotions are clearly depicted, fully drawing the reader into their intense feelings. My only complaint is the occasional moments of too many times "he said" in parts of the dialogue. That is just something that makes me cringe. The rest though is fabulous.

I'm excited to have discovered Fresh Start and am looking forward to the future books in this series. If you enjoy small town romances, don't miss this one. It's an exciting combination of small town, Hollywood, and coming out. 

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