Monday, March 30, 2020

Be Your Mistake (Be Yours Trilogy) by Lizzie Fox & Sariah Skye

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Wesley Greenway:

I’m a complete f*ck up. I’m now thirty, and I’ve watched all my family and friends grow up and fall in love. They have noisy houses, babies and… happiness.
I hear the silence, night after night in my Minneapolis apartment. Music and tattooing are the only things that keep me sane. And love? Who needs it? I have a “lust and leave” ‘em attitude. It’s served me well… until now.

Until one night in October… I get drunk and make a huge mistake with music’s hottest bachelor.
There’s just one thing, though: I’m not gay. It’s just a mistake.

A mistake that blows all my sanity to the wayside.

Miles Madison:

I’ve lived a charmed life. I’m one of the most popular rockstars in America. I’ve won awards and worked with some seriously hot acts. I’ve done whatever I’ve ever wanted without recourse… until now.

My life is shaken up with scandal, and has left me without a band and without a manager; my career is totally up in the air. For all the fame and fortune I have, I’m now alone. And love? Forget it. I can’t take the risk.

Until one night in October… I have a lapse of judgment and make one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

But that mistake gives me hope that all is not lost.

If only I can get Wes to admit that this mistake between us wasn’t a mistake at all.

It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to either one of us.

Be Your Mistake is a "Bisexual Awakening" standalone contemporary MM romance set in the same "world" as my MF Be Yours Trilogy, but can be read entirely separate. This story is suitable for adults only.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Damn, Be Your Mistake by Lizzie Fox and Sariah Skye, is a fantastic rocker romance. Part of the Be Yours Trilogy, it is easily read as a standalone. 

Miles is a closeted bisexual rocker, who is fighting both personal and professional problems. Wesley's a straight acquaintance who is suddenly experiencing a sexual awakening with the rocker star. Thus the beginning of a gay for you story for one man, and an out for you story for the other. 

This is a story that grows from acquaintances to friends, from friends to mutual attraction, from attraction to fooling around, and ultimately from fooling around to love. There are plenty of hot moments, including a lot of steamy first times, which is always fun. 

These two men have some major complications in their way. One doesn't believe in love, the other doesn't believe himself worthy of love. Their story is one of doubts and fears, paparazzi problems, and hiding. It expertly explores the emotions of finding someone who stands up for you. It's both beautiful and emotional. 

The writing is stellar, with deep, complex characters and a wonderful pace. Everything flows seamlessly in this riveting and compelling romance. 

I really enjoyed this book and plan to go back and read the earlier MF books from this series. 

Be Your Mistake is an emotional story of finding someone who loves you as a person, not as a star. This Lizzie Fox and Sariah Skye romance is perfect when you're looking for a gay for romance. I love every moment of it and will definitely be re-reading it at some point. 

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