Saturday, March 14, 2020

Running to Him (Men of Monument #1) by P.D. Singer


Fresh out of college with a chemistry degree, Tim Ratliff’s desperate to move out on his own. He yearns for his own home, his own rules, and the freedom to find the kind of man he’s always dreamed of for his first time. Tim’s applied at every laboratory he can find, but his job search is coming up crickets.
Monument Pharma would be his dream job, and Lorraine in Human Resources swears he’s a shoo-in to be hired. Wonderful, except that’s the one job he dare not take.
At thirty-three, Carson Eddinger’s life is just about perfect—a great position at Monument Pharma, nice home, sweet ride—except for the no boyfriend part. And the constant sniping from the woman in Human Resources.
She isn’t just a thorn in Carson’s side at work—she’s also Tim’s mom, and she has a white picket fence plan for Tim that definitely doesn’t involve a happy ever after with Carson.
They’ve poked the bear. Now they have to outrun it.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Running to Him is one of those lovable books that I couldn't put down. PD Singer manages to create a sweet romance with some insane events. And it's wonderful!

This is a romance between Tim and Carson, two men with an age gap and a controlling woman standing in their way. Tim's mom is nuts and goes out of her way to keep her son apart from her co-worker Carson. 

Wow, just wow, she is absolutely insane. A completely manipulative control freak, she is deranged with the steps she takes against Tim and Carson. Yet, as horrible as she is, her rants are actually funny since they are so over the top.

Aww, but she can only stand in their way so long. After all, Carson thinks Tim is cute! Trust me, you'll enjoy that reference when you read it.

Their story includes extreme parental control, office politics, and an enjoyable May to Sept romance. It includes finding the strength and support to stand up for oneself and fighting for what one deserves in life. 

This book is non-stop fun, with interesting characters, both good and bad, and a thrilling storyline. I love it all. The writing style is great and flows well, with excellent dialogue and a delightful storyline. 

Running to Him is a downright enjoyable May to September romance. Definitely read this one when you're in the mood for a villian getting what they deserve. This tale is riveting and absolutely amazing! I can't recommend it enough.

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