Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Stolen Hart (Hart's Bay, #4) by E. Davies

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With one look, he blew down every wall I built.

Barista Aaron Fisher has no time for shame, propriety, or boyfriends. He’s tired of being used—by his family, hookups, and even a would-be blackmailer. A year after his last heartbreak, Aaron’s ready to give love another chance. He swoops in to rescue a gentle, bashful hunky customer from the depths of app-swiping hell. Their ideas of hot dates couldn’t be further apart… but making Quinn blush is Aaron’s new favorite hobby.

After a string of failed first dates, personal trainer and hopeless romantic Quinn Powell is ready to give up on love before Aaron suggests a deal. Before December ends, can Aaron prove that great sex is all you need, or will Quinn show him that happily ever after does exist? Dating inappropriate, sassy Aaron is like sticking dynamite into Quinn’s tidy life. He finds himself remembering desires that have gone unsatisfied for years.

Before long they’re breaking the only rule: don’t hide their real feelings just to win the bet. Quinn’s afraid of scaring off the secretly vulnerable twink, while Aaron’s afraid of going tame if he gives his heart to the only man strong enough to see through his defenses. This is a lot more than a fling and a few fancy dates. But as their time runs out, they must find the strength to admit to their fears.

Both men need rescuing—but can they believe in themselves and each other when it matters most?

Stolen Hart is the fourth book in the new Hart’s Bay series about a small town full of nosy but well-meaning neighbors and brotherly banter. It can be read on its own, and promises a happily-ever-after ending with plenty of smiles and steam along the way. And at least one naughty thing that shouldn’t happen in a coffee shop.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

E Davies' Stolen Hart, the fourth book in the Hart's Bay series, is a wonderful small town romance!

Quinn and Aaron are two men who decide to date for a month. One's looking for love; the other doesn't believe it exists. They have one month to test things out.

Hart's Bay is once again the quintessential small town, with all the small town feel one could ask for. The family and town connections we all know exist in these towns is well represented. Both the good and the bad.

My favorite quote is "One little ripple can make big changes."
Such an important thing to remember!

Ed's writing is smooth as usual, with some tender characters and a riveting story line. I always enjoy the way he weaves a story; the words he uses, the character growth, and the heartfelt romance. And oh my, he crafts amazing backstories.

Stolen Hart is a sweet, feel-good romance. E Davies will not disappoint you with this riveting and tender tale.

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