Thursday, March 19, 2020

Happy Place (Rainbow Place #5) by Jay Northcote

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A first kiss from a younger man leads to a sexual awakening…

George’s strict upbringing has left him ashamed of his sexuality. In his forties now, he's yet to come out or even kiss a man—until he meets Quentin.

Quentin has had enough of bad relationships with men who won't commit. Still raw from the last one, he’s not ready to try again. But George is sweet, and helping the older man get some experience might be a fun diversion.

Swept rapidly into a deeper connection than they bargained for, they face a dilemma. George isn’t ready to come out, and Quentin wants a boyfriend who isn’t afraid to be seen with him in public. Can they find a way to navigate the unpredictable waters of their new relationship and find happiness together?

Contains: Age gap, gay first times, sexual exploration, out for you.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

As I've come to expect from Jay Northcote, Happy Place is a fantastic Out For You romance. The fifth book of his Rainbow Place series, it is every bit as wonderful as the previous books.

Aww...Quintin and George. These two are seriously wonderful together. George is coming to terms with his sexually. Divorced, with a kid, he is finally allowing himself to explore his attraction to men.

Their story is full of great first times entwined with a tender tale of coming out. It is authentic in it's development of a middle age closeted man exploring sex with a man, all while falling in love with that same man. It's an emotional tale that also explores the difficulty and fear of coming out. 

Both men are interesting characters; individually and as a couple. Their story is well done, with plenty of tender moments, lots of heat, and a happy ending.
The author does a great job illustrating someone coming out a little later in life; of coming out after having denied that side of themselves for their whole life.

Happy Place is perfect when you're in the mood for your next Out For You romance. Jay Northcote as usual develops intriguing characters and takes the reader on an emotional journey. Basically, he is a must read and Happy Place is a must read.

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