Sunday, March 22, 2020

Outside (Death Row Chronicles #2) by Nicky James

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Twenty years ago, the crash gates slammed shut on Bishop Ndiaye’s life when he was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. His life became a waiting game while he sat on death row in one of the country’s worst prisons waiting for his warrant to be signed and his inevitable walk to the death chamber.

But it never happened.

Anson Miller’s arrival into Bishop’s life changed everything, and with nothing more than a hope and a prayer and a kickass lawyer, Bishop fought for his freedom and won.

But how do you reintegrate into a world you no longer know?

Twenty years has brought a lot of change.

Bishop needs to relearn the world, but it isn’t easy when his face has become front-page news, and his story is whispered in every crowd.

Not only does Bishop find himself suffering from severe trauma after his prolonged sentence, but he’s discovered the world on the outside may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Some days, it’s like he’s exchanged one prison for another.

As if that’s not overwhelming enough, Bishop walked out of prison into the arms of a man he knows he loves, but he’s never explored this part of himself before and hardly knows where to begin. Navigating a relationship, technology, anxiety, and people is overwhelming. The cracks in Bishop’s foundation start to show, and the big man doesn’t know where to turn for help.

Was this whole ordeal worth it?

Maybe he was better off on the inside.

**This is book two in the Death Row Chronicles and is not standalone. It should be read following Inside (Vol 1)**

My Rating - 5 Stars!

There are certain books that just consume you. Nicky James' Outside is one of those. Book One in the Death Row Chronicles, Inside, is one of the most powerful stories I've ever read. This one continues in the same manner. 

The author's illustration of life after 20 years in prison is stellar. She manages to draw the reader into the confusion, pain, and flashbacks over and over again. Not only has the world changed for Bishop, he has changed, and his mind has yet to catch up. It's thought provoking, written with care, compassion, and honesty.

Bishop's story includes the fact that not only has the way of living changed, but just seeing the outside, nature, people, and buildings, takes getting used to again. He's uncomfortable with every day things, as well as any sexual contact.

Everything is well thought out and well developed. Written all from Bishop's point of view, the reader sees and feels everything along with him. The world he's thrown into is not the world he left all those years ago, and the reader is there to experience everything as he does. 

And all the while, there are some first kisses, first touches, and a building romance. Bishop and Anson have a long road ahead of them to forge the relationship they both desire.

Outside is all-consuming, completely sucking me into Bishop's emotions. I couldn't put this Nicky James book down. Just read it. 

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