Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Maddie (Hamilton's Heroes #3) by Annabella Michaels

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After witnessing firsthand just how dirty and underhanded a life in politics can be, Maddie Vanderhorne steps off the campaign trail to follow his passion. Starting his own event planning business is the best decision Maddie’s ever made, quickly winning over his clients with his vibrant and outgoing personality. That is, until he finds himself working alongside one very serious and seemingly impenetrable man.

Still haunted by the events of his past, Graham Ward has closed himself off from nearly everyone around him. He’s learned the hard way that letting people get too close only ends in heartache and disaster. Burying himself in his work and keeping everyone at a distance seems like the best solution. When his father comes to him with plans to announce his retirement, Graham knows that in order to take over his father’s role as head of the company, he must find a way to open himself up again.

When Graham steps up to host his father’s retirement party, the last thing he expects is the party planner to leave him feeling annoyed and perplexed. He’s never met anyone as vivacious and full of life as Maddie. He’s not quite sure how to respond to the boundless energy this man possesses - or the feelings Maddie seems to be resurrecting within him. Forced to work closely on this event, Maddie is determined to pull Graham out of his shell. But will opening himself up help Graham rediscover the man he once was; or will it leave him vulnerable to having his heart broken once again?

**This book is part of the Hamilton’s Heroes world but can be read as a standalone novel.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Annabella Michaels' Maddie, the third book in the Hamilton Heroes series, is an amazing romance. 

Graham's a man who's been barely living, isolating himself, closing himself off from being hurt again. He wants nothing to do with Graham, the party planner who's hired to work with him. But then...

One can't help but to be affected by Mattie. He's totally loveable, a complete breath of fresh air. He sees beauty in the world and helps Graham to look around him for a change. Be prepared for many sweet moments.

They make for a fantastic couple. Complete opposites in most ways, they do have a few things in common. Together they are intriguing, supportive, and absolutely romantic. The changes that Mattie bring out in Graham are inspiring.

Graham's family is wonderful. Their absolute support of Graham makes for some loving and tender scenes. They add greatly to the story and I love their involvement in everything.

Maddie is a story of finding someone who makes you feel again, someone who inspires you to live again. This Annabella Michaels' tale is fabulous. I love these guys and I love every second of their story.

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