Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Pretty Sweet (Boys in Makeup #2) by Christina Lee & Riley Hart

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Portland was supposed to be my fresh start, my chance to live for myself. Unfortunately, it’s not working out that way. I stay in the apartment Mom chose and major in finance like she wants. I let bad memories keep me from hooking up. I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding a guy who gets me, who’s okay with my need to be held and feel safe.

When I befriend a worker at the assisted living facility where I volunteer, I don’t expect to get invited to dinner, only to realize her son is Jake, a guy I met through friends last fall. Jake’s not only hot, he’s also sweet, a caretaker, and attracted to me too. Since he’s never been with a guy, and I’m a virgin, we’re setting the pace together, learning what we like, one bone-melting touch at a time.

My childhood was rocky, with an abusive father and a mother I needed to protect. The first thing I did after high school graduation was get us out of there so we could finally breathe. And start living. For me that means managing the garage I own with my best friend and enjoying the modest house I call my own.

Then Seth enters my life. Our connection is palpable. He’s shy, innocent, and sets my blood on fire. He makes it impossible to ignore my attraction to men. The trust he puts in me is more potent than any desire. I get as much from talking to or holding him as when we let our inhibitions go.

Seth and I fulfill each other’s needs—in and out of the bedroom. But our struggles aren’t easy to shake. With my urge to protect and Seth’s desire to fly, we’ll have to strike the right balance, but when we do, the results will be pretty sweet.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Pretty Sweet, the second book in the Boys in Makeup series, is fabulous! I love everything about this Christina Lee and Riley Hart book.

This is a phenomenal story. Seth and Jake are perfect for one another. The way they gravitate to each other and the natural evolution of their relationship is impeccable. 

Seth's a superb character; adorable and lovable, yet totally wounded. However, he fully comes alive when performing. He's a breathe of fresh air with his makeup, and his motivation to work at the nursing home. He's certainly a complex character who's rich but lonely. As his past is unveiled, the reader learns of his motivations, his desire to be strong, and his strength in the end. His relationship with his mother is certainly painful, and has been a leading factor in who he is. As for his loneliness and his fear of being touched, cue the heart-breaking emotions. 

Through Seth's friendship with Bonnie, who is delightful, Seth meets her son Jake. Jake's a mechanic who's locked away his bisexual side. I enjoy the way he gravitates towards the cute Seth. It's all easy and natural, with attraction and want added in. As for Bonnie, she's a delight in general and her relationship with Seth is totally feel-good.

I love these men together. They each come with some baggage, but together they help one another, complimenting each other perfectly.
Jake's coming out as bisexual, and exploring sex with a man for the first time is wonderfully explored. As well, Seth is a virgin, doubling the first time fun. 

Written in alternating 1st person pov, the characters fully come alive, with their emotions on their sleeves. This author combo is superb, gifting us complex characters and a heartfelt storyline. 

If you love hurt/comfort romances, you will love Pretty Sweet. I love this series and hope these authors continue this for a while. 

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