Saturday, June 6, 2020

More Than Everything (Superbia Springs #2) by Rachel Kane

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Some things even a billionaire can't buy.

Dalton Raines always gets what he wants, and the first time he steps into Superbia Springs, he knows he wants to buy it. There's only one thing standing in his way: Noah.

For the first time in his life, Noah Turnstock felt safe, living with his friends in the old mansion they'd inherited. Finally he's in a place no one can take away from him.

Until the house catches Dalton's eye.

Dalton knows the way to get Noah on his side. He knows how to wine and dine a man like this, to get him so wrapped up he'll agree to anything. Except...he's never run into anyone like Noah before.

It was supposed to be seduction. Then it turned into something more.

When a visitor from Noah's past shows up, he realizes he will never be accepted into Dalton's life. And when Dalton's family meets Noah, their reaction could lose Dalton everything.

They can't have each other. They're from different worlds. But their hearts say otherwise. Their hearts say they can have everything they want.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Rachel Kane's More Than Everything, the second book in the Superbia Springs series, is fantastic. 

Damn! There is disgusting homophobia in this one, right from the start. I was livid and fully invested immediately. Honestly, this is small town life at it's finest, full of controlling townspeople and those who just want to be included. 

This story revolves around a mansion and the fight for it's future. And what a complex fight it is. After meeting in opposition of the house's future, Dalton and Noah set upon a relationship of their own.

Not only are Dalton and Noah complete opposites, with vastly different backgrounds, the differences between Dalton and his brother are fabulous. And in the end, Dalton's talk to his brother about what he wants for his future struck me. It's extremely poignant and very touching.

As for the romance, it's definitely sweet and beautiful. The relationship between Dalton and Noah is fantastic. I enjoy the way it develops, as well as the way both men help one another in the end. 

The character growth in this book is fantastic. Dalton is a man who has always allowed his family to push him around, and yet in the end, he finds himself. Seeing him discover his passions is wonderful. 

The writing is excellent, with intriguing characters and some fabulous character growth. There are plenty of side characters who add to the story, and the hotel is it's own character, fully brought to life by the author. 

More Than Everything is a wonderful addition to the Superbia Springs series. It's a wonderful journey towards finding love and a purpose in life. This Rachel Kane book, and series, is perfect for any fan of small town romances. 

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