Sunday, June 28, 2020

Single Omega Dad (The Omega Misfits #4) by Wendy Rathbone

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My new financial guardian, Mathias, is a cold, self-centered, rude-ass Alpha and the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country. 

To him, I am a burden on society, only fit to live on a chattel farm. It doesn’t matter that I’m drawn to him, to his ominous presence and chiseled jaw, his muscular body in his fitted silk suits. I’m a single dad with kids and responsibilities -- I don’t have time for that rich bastard. 

He keeps coming by the house so I can sign documents, fine. But then he’s got cute gifts for my kids. It’s got to stop. I don’t have time to fix him. Don’t have time to fall in love with an Alpha right now. 

A non-shifter Alpha/Omega love story with mpreg, a single widower Omega dad, an Alpha who cannot knot, emotional issues, two adorable identical twin boys, and an HEA.

Some characters from "Trust No Alpha" make appearances in this novel, however, this book is a standalone read.

My Rating - 5  Stars!

Single Omega Dad is a book that drew me in from the start and I couldn't read it fast enough. Sometimes the right book falls into your lap at the right time. This Wendy Rathbone book did just that for me. The fourth book in The Omega Misfits series, it's easily read as a standalone and it is amazing!

It didn't take long for Mathias and Saber to win me over. There's tension and animosity from the start. Oh, the tension is all consuming. The attraction and connection are exquisite. And that first kiss!!!

Mathias and Saber are a gruff alpha and a self sufficient omega. The alpha is a bank manager who has kept to himself too long, in fear of his secret getting out. His secret? He's unable to knot. The omega has a set of twins, with another set of twins on the way. He resents the way society treats omegas.

And then there are the kids. Omg, I love Saber's kids from the first time we meet them. He is a great dad and I adore everything about these kids to pieces. As for Mathias's treatment of them, wow, just wow. He's never liked kids, making it absolutely heart melting the way he naturally softens towards Tybor and Luke. 

This is a story of two men who have never known such heat, lust, and need. And omg, I love these men. And damn, they're fucking combustible together.

The writing is wonderful, with intriguing characters who go against the norm and an emotional storyline. The pace is smooth and I couldn't read it fast enough. 

I love, love, love this story. Everything about Single Omega Dad is delightful. The tension. The desire. The conflict. The sex. The kids. The pregnancy. Everything. I couldn't devour this book fast enough. 

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