Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Vodka & Handcuffs (Mary's Boys #2) by Brandon Witt

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Vahin Arora, Hamburger Mary’s sexy bartender, plays the flirtatious role so well even his closest friends—his chosen family at Mary’s—don’t realize Vahin hasn’t had a hookup in months. Then Tall, Dark, and Handsome steps through the door, and Vahin’s libido races back to life.

Being a black cop on the Denver police force is no easy job—Marlon Barton can’t imagine adding being gay to the equation. And while Marlon loves his work as an officer, his life has taken a turn for the hellish because of his new partner, the nephew of a senator.

Fleeing his partner’s company one night, Marlon stumbles into Mary’s for the first time… and wakes up with a hangover in the bartender’s bed. The one-night stand heats up into a budding romance, but not without stress as Marlon’s partner’s actions threaten Vahin’s livelihood and Marlon’s future on the force. Can Vahin and Marlon face the challenges and hold on to the love, friendship, and family they’ve found?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Vodka & Handcuffs, the second book in the Mary's Boys series by Brandon Witt, is fantastic! 

Wow, this one hit me hard. The racism and homophobia are front and center, and extremely upsetting. Given the current state of the world, the timing for this one couldn't be more appropriate. Seriously, this one has a racist cop. 'Nuf said.

I enjoy Vahin and Marlon as a couple. They way they meet, the way they come together, all of it is enjoyable. 

I really enjoy this story. The writing style is great, the characters are both well developed, and the storyline is not only riveting, but also extremely poignant.

Vodka & Handcuffs is a stellar read. Brandon Witt packs a ton of emotion into this short book and I felt it all. This book just hit me with the importance of this storyline. 

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