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Wayward Love by Rhys Everly

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He’s a ray of sunshine, but he’s my son’s best friend.

My life has had three modes since my wife passed away.
And work.

And I’m not even any good at that.
Unless I find the money I owe everyone, only a miracle can keep my bar afloat.

Until he comes into my life.

Kyle Brady.

I’ve never looked at another man the same way I look at him.
It’s a dangerous feeling.
Somehow I’m roped into letting him help my business and he wants to fix everything.

Including my broken heart.

Want to know how?

Read now and find out.

Wayward Love is the second book in the Cedarwood Beach small town romance series and is completely standalone. It contains a May/December sunshine/grumpy romance, a bisexual awakening and a happily ever after.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wayward Love is a fabulous book by Rhys Everly. Everything about this best friend's father romance calls to me and consumed me throughout.

This story is set up through a work arrangement devised by Nathan, as he pairs his father with his best friend, Kyle. Andy is the owner of a struggling bar. When Kyle needs to help a business for a college course, cue the fun. 

I love Kyle's friendship with Nathan. Hell, you can't beat a friendship where you can call one another Dildo out of love. Second, I enjoy the way that Nathan brings the two men together. It's an entertaining forced proximity aspect, and the end result is fantastic.

I love everything about this book. The forbidden nature is wonderfully carried out, and the natural way in which Kyle and Andy come together is amazing. Andy's fears and hesitancy are well developed. His fears of his business failing, his fears of being nice to Kyle, and his fears of his newly developing feelings for Kyle are all well explored. 

They are so damn perfect for one another. Oh, and they are also deliciously hot for one another. Damn, the chemistry is smoking! As Andy's never been with a man before, the first times are mesmerizing.

This is a story of forbidden romance, with a whole lot of guilt, secrets, and deception. It's not an easy ride for these two to come out to their friends/family. But the ride is awesome. And damn they are hot together, with some steamy first times and plenty of sexy moments. 

The writing style is superb, with some lovable characters, a sweet as can be romance, and plenty of light-hearted moments. Written in alternating 1st person pov, the reader is brought into every look, thought, and moment between these two.

Wayward Love is everything I want in a best friend's father romance. Rhys Everly adds in a bisexual awakening and May to December aspect that just ups the fun. I love this book. The emotions are all consuming, with me feeling the pain along with them. I can't recommend this one enough and it's definitely going on my re-read list!

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