Friday, June 5, 2020

Better Be Sure (Harrison Campus #1) by Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday

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Orphan Jackson Murphy just staked his legacy on a bet.

Holy shit, his impulsive ass is in trouble.

Bring a guy to the fraternity formal? Pfft. Easy. Won’t be him getting kicked out of the house.

So what if his luck with guys on campus has been shitty? Ed Knowles is Jack’s winning ticket.

Tall, handsome, hardworking—and he doesn’t go to Harrison. One serendipitous meeting, and sparks—and coffee cups—are flying.

But with every stolen look, every secret kiss, every clandestine touch Ed becomes more than just an answer to a bet.

And these cloak-and-dagger meetings that set Jack on fire? They mask one tiny, enormous obstacle: Ed’s not out.

What does Jack do now?

Hold on to his legacy… or his heart?


"Better Be Sure" is a sweet, slow burn M/M romance with a heart-pounding HEA. This New Adult, college, opposite sides of the tracks novel can be read as a standalone and in any order.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Better Be Sure is the first book in the Harrison Campus series by Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday. And I love it all! If you like closeted college romances, add this book to your list.

The story starts with a bet, which is annoying, but is definitely on par for college kids. And of course, is the driving factor for the angst.

Ed and Jack make a great couple, but struggle with a lot of things. Ed's firmly in the closet with no plans no leaving it, setting up for some fantastic angst. They have to deal with their own issues, as well as issues that are forced upon them. There's definitely an antagonist who you'll hate, which also ups the entertainment factor. 

The closeted nature of Ed just makes me sad. His reasons are completely understandable, making it tougher to stomach. I love the way that Ed, a townie, falls for the frat boy, Jack. This is one of those elements I always enjoy in a romance, and it's pulled off in an excellent manner.

The author perfectly captures the college years, reminding me often at how young and inexperienced these young men are. It all feels realistic and genuine. The frat dynamics seem to be accurate and the pressures and stress are definitely well described.

Their relationship deals with virginity, bullying, and family issues, in addition to homophobia, expectations, and self-imposed pressure. One of biggest themes explored is that of loss, grief, and depression.

As for Jack and Ed, I just love them. Separately and together. Jack's an amazing guy who's understanding and wonderful to Ed. And Ed's a sympathetic character who grows a lot by the end. Their story's emotional and memorable.

Better Be Sure is a gripping and impressive romance. It has a lot of heart, and is worth a read. The writing is good, and includes some great secondary characters.

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