Friday, June 19, 2020

Ghost Writer (Haunted Souls #8) by Pandora Pine

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Ghost detective Jude Byrne is having the time of his life as a new husband and father. Lost in the shuffle of dirty diapers and late-night feedings is Cope’s birthday. Struggling to find a present for his husband, Jude is drawn to an antique, manual typewriter.

Unbeknownst to Jude, psychic Copeland Forbes has been planning to write his memoir. Eager to get started, Cope writes until he falls asleep. He’s woken by the click of the keys and a page full of song lyrics Cope knows he didn’t type.

When the typewriter continues to write, even with no one sitting at the keys, Cope realizes there must be a ghost in the machine. One who only uses hymn lyrics to communicate. Over time, the shy spirit begins to reveal clues to a powerful enemy lurking in Salem.

Will Jude and Cope solve the mystery of the ghost writer or will the evil consume them?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Pandora Pine's Ghost Writer is a stellar addition to her Haunted Souls series. 

Having more of Jude and Cope is enough to keep me intrigued. Dear lord, these two are full of banter, humor, and sex. I love every damn moment with them. Their relationship continues to grow and every step of their journey is superb.

This story starts with them and a haunted typewriter. The resulting mystery is fascinating, and went into some serious issues. Let's just say that these serious issues are ones that personally anger me a lot, so I definitely enjoyed this story. The author spares no expense with the emotions involved and does justice to the issue.

I love Jude and Cope, their friends and the kids. Every moment spent with them is fabulous, and this one is a perfect addition to their journey. Their relationship is amazing, and the addition of Wolf just adds a whole new level to their fun. 

Ghost Writer is a fantastic story, as are all of the Haunted Souls books. I can't recommend them all enough. 

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