Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bookstores, Crushes, and Mortal Enemies by Katie Kaleski

Jackson Hillside just had a meet-cute made for the movies. It could have been truly epic except the other guy, Auggie, spilled coffee all over Jackson’s favorite shoes. Determined to break his streak of bad luck with dating, Jackson goes to a party where he bumps into Auggie again.

Turns out, Auggie’s pretty great, albeit a little clumsy. Things almost look promising until Jackson learns Auggie’s family was responsible for the closing of Jackson’s family’s beloved bookstore.

Jackson doesn’t need Auggie anyway. He has “He Who Writes,” a guy he met on a writing website, and someone he’s really falling for. But things get confusing when Auggie re-enters Jackson’s life, and soon, Jackson might be falling for Auggie, too.
Now, Jackson’s involved with two very different boys, one he can hang out with in real life and one he has never actually met. And, when Jackson finds out the identity of “He Who Writes,” things go from promising to catastrophic.

BOOKSTORES, CRUSHES, AND MORTAL ENEMIES is an LGBTQ+ YA book inspired by You’ve Got Mail.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Bookstores, Crushes, and Mortal Enemies is an interesting book by Katie Kaleski. I definitely devoured it, but it's hard for me to review. There is plenty I enjoy, but some times I just got bored. 

This is a romance that starts with a spilt coffee and ruined shoes. It's a story full of attraction, interest, and a family feud. Auggie and Jackson are two young men from vastly different backgrounds, as one comes from privilege and the other comes from poverty and has no family support. But, more than anything, Jackson was always told to hate Auggie's family.

Both young men have their share of struggles. Auggie's issues surprised me and made him an extremely sympathetic character. As well, Jackson is living a double life. Online he's able to be who he wants to be and pursue his passions. 

This is a story that is a nod to "You've Got Mail." 
There is a special love of books and bookstores that comes alive through the two main characters as well. If your looking for characters who love and appreciate books, look no further. 

I enjoy the writing style and the characters are both fantastic. The author includes some intriguing backstories, and some fun side characters.

Bookstore, Crushes, and Mortal Enemies is a story of forgiveness and acceptance. Katie Kaleski does a wonderful job with this inspiring story of two men discovering their passions and deciding to go after them. 

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