Saturday, June 13, 2020

Love Vintage Blend (Home in Hollyridge #2) by Elle Keaton

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Jeff Morgan is rebuilding his life; Zach Brown is trying to keep his from falling apart.

After being disowned by his parents Jeff leaves the city to start over again, hoping to reinvent himself as a winemaker in the small town of Hollyridge. Why not dream big?

Zach is struggling to keep his boutique winery afloat and the summer intern is one more body which will help that happen—and oh, what a body. The only thing is, he’s sworn off men.

Until he met Zach Brown Jeff knew he was gay—but he’d never kissed a man.

One look at Jeff, and Zach knew it was going to be a long, hard summer.

Jeff doesn't know much about wine and even less about love but maybe he's just what Zach needs to save his winery and heal his wounded heart.

A standalone in the Home in Hollyridge series, a dual POV about a man learning to live his own life; and a winemaker who needs a little help from a friend. 24k words

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Love Vintage Blend, the second book in the Home in Hollyridge series is a delightful read by Elle Keaton. It's easily read as a standalone.

This book starts with Jeff taking a summer internship at a winery. The boss Zach doesn't give the best first impression upon meeting Jeff. 

Jeff is an interesting character. An ex-banker, he's getting a fresh start. His inexperience and mistakes working at the winery make him lovable character. And he certainly doesn't mind the handsome Zachary, the silver fox who owns the winery. 

Their attraction is quick, and they don't wait long to dive into a physical relationship. It's not insta-love though. This is a story of attraction and desire. It includes a loyal dog, a vile ex-boyfriend, and some threats. 

As for Jeff's time on the winery, his innocence is cute and his mistakes are adorable. 

The writing is great, with a wonderfully atmospheric setting, fantastic characters, and an entertaining storyline. 

Love Vintage Blend is a short and sweet book. With just 91 pages, this Elle Keaton read is a fast one that will leave you with a cavity from all the sweetness.

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