Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Governing Passions (Love in a Changing Climate Book 2) by Chris Cheek

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"How could I trust him not to do the same thing again? Politics were his life; how would he react if all he’d worked for was threatened? The danger was that, confronted with choices over his career and his personal life, he would choose his career."

Dan Forrester is a rising star of the government, but he has a secret that he keeps well hidden from family, friends and colleagues – he’s gay. He also deeply regrets his callousness towards the one man with whom he could have formed a meaningful relationship.

Luke Carter is now a successful environmental consultant working on a government contract. When the two meet again, it is an encounter that will change both their lives for ever.

Set against the backdrop of Brexit, Governing Passions explores what happens when political and personal lives collide. Can Dan’s career survive? More importantly, when faced with a choice between love and duty, does he want it to?

Often shocking in its exposé of life in the corridors of powers, Governing Passions casts light on a period in recent history that has affected us all. It is also a tender love story that explores the cost that people still pay for being true to their sexuality.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Governing Passions, the second book in Chris Cheek's Love in a Changing Climate series, is a book that grabbed me immediately. It is easily read as a standalone. 

A tale of two best friends, Luke is secretly in love with his best friend, Dan. And yes, I am a complete sucker for friends to lovers. Making it a second chance romance just ups the fun. 

Fifteen years have passed since they lost touch and the two men  are reunited through work. Dan is in parliament, still closeted, and still avoiding any real relationships. The last person he expects to be working with is his former friend Luke. 

This is a story with a heavy political element and the struggle of being gay in politics. I find this aspect to be well explored, as well as intriguing.

Luke and Dan are fantastic together, and their journey is extremely compelling. I mentally fell into their story completely, easily riding along as they dealt with their feelings and struggled with some tough decisions. 

If you enjoy reading about closeted politicians, you will love Governing Passions. This Chris Cheek read is wonderfully written, and consumed me throughout. I just love it!

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