Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rare by Briar Prescott

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One summer changes their lives forever…

Alex Ellison is well-educated, rich and good-looking. Too bad the ingredients of success haven’t mixed too well for him and instead of having the world at his feet, Alex has, once again, landed himself in a hot mess of trouble.
The community service his father arranges for him in a wildlife center on the other side of the country comes as a bit of a nasty surprise, though. Being shipped off to middle-of-nowhere, Oregon, is not Alex’s idea of the perfect summer vacation.

What Alex never expects is to meet Noah Price.
He never expects to be noticed and understood.
He never expects to feel valued and special.
He never expects to fall in love.
Everything is not what it seems, though, and love that feels invincible turns out to be anything but.

But love finds a way, and when Alex and Noah unexpectedly cross paths years later, they will have to risk it all for the love they both deserve and so desperately need.

Rare is a standalone MM Second Chance romance about first loves, one perfect summer, one debilitating secret and finding your forever.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Rare is a magnificent book by Briar Prescott. 

Dear lord, the author drags these two men through hell at times. If you like angst, you will enjoy this book. That said, there are some twists and turns I didn't love. 

The medical issue is one that left me questioning it's validity. But I made myself stop thinking about it and just go with it. No clue if it's realistic or not, but assuming it is makes for a heart-breaking read. 

This is a story that will remind you that happiness is fleeting and that life is fragile.  The author excels in developing these complex characters and their long harrowing journey. 

As for the heart of the story, the author deals with extremely upsetting issues about blood donation. It's something anyone in the gay community has had to deal with, and it's angering as hell. I enjoy the way the author handles this issue and explores the changes needed. 

Rare is a gripping story that held me captive throughout. This Briar Prescott memorable tale is a one sitting kind of story. And oh how I love the ending. 

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