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BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY - MF - The Double Cross Series by P Sawyer

Double Cross Series Book 1 
by P. Sawyer 
Genre: Romance 

Everyone finds themselves at a crossroads in their life. 

Caleb Cross is not your typical front man. His is not the bad boy, partying, love ‘em and leave ‘em persona, although his public image states otherwise. Being the lead singer of the popular rock band, Double Cross, there are a lot of things the fans and the public do not know about Caleb. Sure, he likes to have a little fun now and again, but after a publicity stunt goes wrong, he is determined to shed the ultra-bad boy image. 

Katherine "Kat" Summers is not a typical woman. Not a girl who gets star struck or easily impressed, Kat is content with being herself and who she is. When Kat's company is hired by Caleb Cross to rebrand him, she finds herself re-evaluating everything she knows about herself and about her life. Trying to maintain who she is against what she begins to desire, proves to be difficult for her. 

For Caleb, hiring a new publicist to help reshape his image was the easy part. What he didn’t count on was being reunited with the one girl that made him question everything about himself. He’s forced to confront himself once more, in order to learn what he truly wants, and who he truly is. 

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My Rating - 4 Stars!

Crossroads, the first book in P Sawyer's The Double Cross Series, is an entertaining second chance romance. 

This book explores the rock star life style, a one night stand and some secrets. 

It's fun seeing Caleb and Kat dealing with their reunion, as Kat is hired to help Caleb with his persona. Since he slept with her three years ago, she's the one he can't forget. Now, she's back but she isn't alone. 

The writing it good, nothing too heavy, but easy to read, and definitely entertaining. The author adds in plenty of obstacles, including an ass of an ex-wife, and keeps things interesting. 

Overall, Crossroads is an enjoyable rocker romance. If you enjoy reading about bad boy rockers falling in love, you will enjoy this series. 


Double Cross Series Book 2 

Secrets Can Destroy. Can they overcome theirs?

Faith Maguire has spent the last six years traveling the world running from her past and the secret she hides. After finding her fiancé cheating on her in Milan, Faith heads home to Fuquay Varina, NC. Faith plans to lick her wounds and take some time off until she is offered a position documenting the upcoming tour for Double Cross.

Gabe Cross has spent the last six years trying to forget the girl that broke his heart. As Gabe prepares for another three months on tour, he’s ready to do whatever he needs to do to keep the hurt and pain buried in women and booze. The plan was concrete until she shows up on tour.

Faced to confront the hurt and pain six years forgot-Gabe and Faith must learn how to move on from their pasts in order to have a future, but will their secrets prevent them from having their second chance? 

**$1.99 from 6/1-6/15 !!** 

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Crossover, the second book in P Sawyer's The Double Cross Series is a good rocker romance.

Faith and Gabe are reunited after she broke his heart and ran away years ago. Now that they are working together, the tension and heat are out in full force. 

There are parts of this book that I love. The writing style sucked me in immediately, and the kept me intrigued throughout. I love the characters and their journey, yet I found myself struggling with the way they deal with some things. I just wanted things to simmer a little first. And I wanted them to talk. 

Overall, Crossover is a fun second chance romance. However, be warned there is plenty of on page sex with other characters. It's never cheating, but shows the rocker lifestyle. I know some people hate reading sex scenes between a main character and a side character, so avoid if that's a hard limit for you.


Double Cross Series Book 3 


I’ve known him half my life and I’ve spent half my life fighting my feelings for him. Our relationship isn’t typical nor is it normal; it’s just us. He knows every crevice of me; my likes, my hates, my needs, my quirks. I don’t know what changed but nothing is the same as it was. The closer I fly towards the fire, the more I fear I’ll get burned.


I took her virginity and we’ve been inseparable since. Best friends for over seventeen years, she’s seen me at my best, at my worst and everywhere in between. The primal need that fills me deep inside to protect her, to claim her is getting more and more difficult to ignore. When did friendship morph into something more? Or were the lines always this blurred?

When our pasts finally collide with the present, how do we survive the crossfire? 

**$1.99 from 6/1-6/15 !!** 

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Crossfire, the third book in P Sawyer's The Double Cross Series is a great bandmates romance. This friends to lovers romance overlaps timewise with book two. 

Jax and Reece are long time best friends and bandmates who have an intense chemistry and anger between them. 

Their story includes some hot hate sex and some developing feelings. Their story is fun and sweet, taking some turns I wasn't expecting. Jax and Reece are perfect for one another and their journey will keep you intrigued. 

Told in alternating first person pov, the writing style draws you into the emotions of each character, helping to bring them alive.

Crossfire is a riveting romance, full of romance and intrigue. And the ending is fabulous. I have come to love the men of Double Cross and their women. The whole series is enjoyable and worth a read if you enjoy rocker romances. 


P. Sawyer is a romance author that loves to read as much as she loves to write! Fascinated with bringing the "real" version of love to readers, P. strives to show how mess love can be and how happily ever afters aren't always what they seem.

P. grew up in New England and currently lives with her husband, two children and dog in CT. When she is not creating less than perfect love stories, she can be found reading or watching Hockey. 

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