Friday, June 26, 2020

Extraordinary Things (Star Shadow #4) by Beth Bolden

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Leo and Caleb have been through hell—addiction, destruction, and even a five year separation—but they’ve come through on the other side with their love stronger than ever.

Caleb knows he’s earned Leo’s forgiveness. He wants to believe he deserves it, but just when Leo needs him more than ever, a voice in his head insists that maybe he doesn't. It’s so loud, he can't block it out. So loud, he’d do anything to silence it.

Including risking everything he and Leo, and the rest of Star Shadow, have built together.

Extraordinary Things is a continuation of Leo and Caleb's love story from Terrible Things. It should not be read as a standalone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Extraordinary Things, the fourth book in the Star Shadow Series is a wonderful book by Beth Bolden. This is a part of a series; a continuation of a painful, complex storyline. It is necessary to read the other books first, starting with Terrible Things.

This a second chance romance for Caleb and Leo. Caleb is getting healthy from addiction. He's still in love with Leo but isn't quite ready to be with him. 

Caleb destroyed himself and is now struggling to forgive himself. His is a journey of learning to accept one's past, and move forward with acceptance and forgiveness.

Their love is a love worth fighting for. Their journey is full of pain, hurt, fear and apprehension. They have to deal with conflict and insecurities. The tension jumps off the pages. 

Extraordinary Things is a story of trust. This Beth Bolden story is a tough read, but a worthwhile one. And it's a stunning finish to the Star Shadow series, which covers three love stories. 

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