Friday, August 3, 2018

Teaching Truthfulness (Forever in Middlebury #3) by Brittany Cournoyer

Title: Teaching Truthfulness
Author: Brittany Cournoyer
Length: Approx. 75k
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Forever in Middlebury

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Peyton ~
Landing a job at Little Creations, after my previous job went under, was literally a life saver. Without Tyler taking a chance on me, I would’ve been living with my Aunt Irene in Oregon, helping out at her Bed and Breakfast. While I love my job and life in Middlebury, my love-life is nonexistent after a recent break-up. That is, until I meet Marshall. The attraction between us is palpable, but I can’t take that next step with him, no matter how hard I try. How can I convince Marshall to be okay with what I’m willing to give him, and that I’ll be worth the wait?

Marshall ~
Family means everything to me. Aside from my sister and adorable niece, my grandfather is the most important person in my life. And knowing that I’m keeping a secret from all of them is slowly killing me inside. Then I meet Peyton one afternoon, and I can’t bring myself to stay away from him. Questions start to fill my mind, and I find myself wondering if he’s worth the risk. But how do I tell the people I love a secret so big it could change all of our lives forever? How do I tell them that I’m gay?

Peyton and Marshall each have secrets that make them wary of relationships. After a chance encounter at Peyton’s job, they decide to give each other a shot and see what happens. Frustrations over keeping the relationship hidden puts a major strain on them, and the couple begins to doubt whether it’s worth the risk. Can Peyton and Marshall’s relationship withstand the stress each of them bring to the table? Or will they decide it isn’t worth it after all?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Payton and Marshall! Wow! In Teaching Truthfulness, Brittany Cournoyer has managed to create one of my all time favorite couples!

I absolutely love Payton!!  I fell for him immediately, with his bad boy looks and teddy bear demeanor. It just doesn't get any better than that combination. And his views on sex, wow, just love him! His personality is so contradictory of what one would expect based on his appearance. 

Marshall has spent his life fighting his sexuality, and is just now trying to come to terms with the fact he's gay. He continues to struggle with coming out to his family, as well as being out to his best friend. I am impressed with how Marshall handles his best friend's reaction, and how their relationship changes. And, oh my, his relationship with Walter! 

As for Payton and Marshall, I love the way their attraction was instant, but things develop slowly as both men have some baggage. And when they did start to act on their attraction, it was so realistic and natural. The slow burn relationship is fantastically done, giving me all the feels!

I always enjoy a good story of a well developed demisexual character, and Payton is so well done. His relationship issues and concerns are so realistic and genuine. Kuddos to Brittany for creating some a wonderful character.

Once they do get their clothes off, wow, just wow. Some series heat!

Brittany Cournoyer's Forever In Middlebury is fantastic! If you haven't started reading them yet, do yourself a favor, and check them out. They can be read individually, but Teaching Truthfulness is just the best and it's even better if you can appreciate the side characters!

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