Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Game Night by Van Cole


His Secret Is About To Come Out

Danny is an emerging hockey star who is finally setting the world alight after years of toiling in the second string. But with this new role comes more attention, and it will be harder for him to hide his secret from the world, the fact that he is gay.

It's a secret he's kept from all of his teammates and he hates the thought of them finding out the truth. It wouldn't be an issue, if his best friend hadn't returned home and found him again. Danny hasn't seen Matty ever since he left town after graduation. Now he's back, looking for a place to live and Danny is all too happy to offer him a room.

But Danny has always harbored a crush on Matty. Seeing him again makes it clear that this wasn't just a teenage dream. Can Danny keep a hold on his feelings? And what will he do when a rival finds out the truth and threatens to end his career?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Game Night, by Van Cole, is everything I love in a sports romance.

Danny is firmly in the closet, as he's afraid to be an out and proud hockey player. As his popularity grows though, it will be harder for him to stay in the closet. 

Things will be even tougher as his best friend, Matty is back in town. I love their friendship, as they naturally let their lives get in the way of their friendship over their adult years. As most of us has had this happen, I appreciated this part. Now that they are together again, they both regret letting their friendship go and vow to not do so again.

Danny has always had a crush on Matty, and that hasn't changed. If they ever admit their feelings to each other, their romance won't be easy. Both men are being threatened professionally. Danny is dealing with a jealous and bitter teammate who will try to use his secret against him. And Matty's life is being threatened due to some bad business decisions.

One of the best parts of this story is the discovery that sometimes, before you know it, you've been a hiding a secret so long that you have no idea who you even are anymore. This is true for so many people, but definitely for Danny.

I love hockey romances. I love closeted athlete romances. I love best friends to lovers romances. And Van Cole has incorporated all of these into Game Night. I find this story to be inspiring, poignant and sweet.  It is a well crafted exploration of what matters most in life. 

If you are a hockey romance fan, be sure to check out Game Night. 

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