Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Marriage Rules by Jacki James

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After one incriminating photo outs him to his parents, Stevie loses everything: his family, his home, and his shot at finishing his degree. He’s at a loss what to do until the guy he’s been crushing on makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
Coming off a jilted engagement, Casey is done with relationships, swearing off marriage forever. But when he discovers sweet, sexy Stevie in financial trouble, Casey can’t help but step up and offer to marry him so he can qualify for financial aid and fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.
They’re determined to keep this marriage a temporary arrangement by setting firm rules and sticking to them. The most import rule of all? Absolutely no falling in love. But the longer these two are together, the closer they get to crossing the line.
When emotions get involved, who will break the marriage rules first?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I love this series by Jackie James and Marriage Rules manages to hold up to everything that makes the previous books so darn good.

I love when a good pretend relationship turns into love, as in Marriage Rules, Stevie and Casey enter into a marriage of convenience never expecting to fall in love.

Upon getting married, the couple set up some ground rules to keep things from getting personal. But, as time goes on, they soon find they are in too deep.

One wonderful aspect of their relationship is their sex lives. They enter into a light amount of D/s play, which is fantastic for this relationship. Neither wants to participate in BDSM, but they like a little bit of D/s play, and it makes things special for them.

I appreciate the fact that Casey's ex came from a family like Stevie's, allowing us to fall for Stevie even more, as he has no interest in his family's money.

There are so many little, yet special moments in this story that show the love developing between the couple, making for an extra authentic relationship. These little moments are all super sweet, extra thoughtful and prove that the couple really start to know, understand, and care about each other.

The continued appearances of former characters, is just spectacular, as they are truly what make this series so special! Jacki James' writing style in itself is great, as she manages to keep us engaged, creates characters who we care so darn much about, in addition to making us feel like one of the "family." I love the atmosphere and tone of her books and can't wait to read more!

Marriage Rules is definitely one romance you should check out!

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