Sunday, August 5, 2018

Starting His Engine (Reving It Up #1) by WS Long


Athletic and handsome, Florida boy Caleb Youngblood has always wanted to race stock cars like his father and his brother. The roar of the engines, the smell of the burning rubber and the thrill of speed courses his veins. Racing is as much a part of him as the sun and surf of the Florida ocean he loves.

But, when Caleb falls in love with sports writer Sebastian Rush, he must make a decision. Will he stay in the closet and follow his dream, or can he make a life with Sebastian and follow his heart?

My Rating- 4 Stars!

Starting His Engine is a wonderful, sweet romance in which WS Long manages to infuse a whole lot of humor.

Caleb's father, who runs a racing company, doesn't want Caleb racing for his team as an openly gay man. He's afraid of the homophic hate that Caleb would have to endure, as well as fearing him being hurt as a result of being out.

Caleb need to be out though as he loves Sebastian and can no longer hide him. Thus follows their story as they face coming out, homophobia, and dealing with Caleb's racing family.

I found myself absolutely enjoying Caleb and Sebastian. They have such a laid back relationship, full of fantastic humor. Their story is low angst, with them uniting against forces instead of letting the forces divide them.

It's a great, sweet read, with fantastic characters who are truly devoted to each other. They are absolute couple goals!  I definitely recommend Starting His Engine.

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