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Your Kind of Man (HeavyLoad! #2) by J.J. Harper


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Jem Hayes has a penchant for lacy underwear and makeup.
Nate Allinson likes pretty men and spanking, preferably at the same time.

He doesn’t want a man for more than a scene.
He doesn’t want a warm body for more than one night.
He doesn’t want “more.”

Until Jem.

With his slim body and beautiful face, Jem pushes every one of Nate’s buttons.
After one night of passion and an empty bed in the morning, Nate knows Jem is the one.
Running out was the dumbest thing Jem could have done. He felt the connection but bolted all the same.

Fate brings them back together, but their relationship is put to the test when Jem’s ex returns.
Can Nate’s love heal Jem from his abusive past?

Your Kind Of Man is an MM romance and book two in the HeavyLoad! Series. It contains lots of lacy panties, numerous spankings, and plenty of sexy shenanigans.

The book can be read as a standalone but will be enhanced by reading book #1 My Kind of Man.

Warning: This book contains a small amount of violence.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Your Kind of Man is the second book in the Heavyload! series by JJ Harper. Book one, My Kind of Man, started the fun off with a hot age play read. This time we get a Daddy relationship that's not your typical Daddy read. 

The series can be read as standalones, but the characters are all friends and appear in each others books, so just read them all and enjoy!

Jem and Nate's story is hot from the start. These two definitely have some amazing chemistry. But their relationship isn't all easy going. 

Everything starts with a scene between them, and continues when they run into one another again. They naturally work scenes together well, and both find it all extremely hot. 

Neither man is looking for a relationship, but everything just sort of leads them in that direction. 

Jem is a pretty boy who loves lace, some makeup, fancy clothes, and heels. He's also a boy who's last relationship was abusive and has left him insecure about himself. He needs a Daddy in real life, and Nate is willing to try. But he struggles between being a Daddy versus a Dom. The angst that this brings about is natural and well explored, including the way Jem's past affects him with Nate.

I am impressed with the way the Daddy versus Dom is developed. It's not something I have read much of, and I found it interesting, as well as compelling. The result of their journey is some major character growth. 

Jem and Nate are intense with their love. Their need, want, and connection jumps off the pages. 

This tale has a major off page trigger, so avoid if rape is a hard no for you. 

Your Kind of Man is a beautiful tale of learning to balance your boy's needs. JJ Harper perfectly explores the fine line between being a boy's Dom versus being his Daddy. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique Daddy romance. 

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