Tuesday, January 26, 2021

FF - The Mandolin Lunch by Missouri Vaun


Children’s book illustrator Garet Allen has just escaped her most recent, ill-fated relationship and accepts a temporary teaching position at a rural public school. After all, how hard can teaching kids about art really be? Apparently, pretty hard, because her first day on the job is a complete disaster, and that has nothing at all to do with the fact that Tess Hill, the captivating and overly conscientious music teacher, shares the same classroom.

Tess, a dedicated teacher and single mother focused on creating a stable life for her daughter, is immediately attracted to the handsome, cavalier Garet for all the wrong reasons. Everything about Garet says short-term, and Tess refuses to consider anything less than forever. She’s not about to give her heart away to someone she can’t count on.

Can Garet and Tess survive three months sharing the same classroom without killing each other…or falling in love?

My Rating - 3 Stars!

The Mandolin Lunch is a slow burn lesbian romance. 

Tess is a single mom, trying to balance raising June and everything work involved. She dreams of having a partner to share her life and responsibilities with.

Meanwhile, Garet's in town for a short time, for a three month teaching position. 

The two have some instant attraction when they meet, and then discover they'll be teaching in the same room for three months. Yay - forced proximity between two people who are already hot for each other. 

From the start, the tone drew me in. The writing style is pleasant, instantly intriguing me with these characters. That said, the story is definitely way slow at times, as the author excels at setting the scenery, thus dragging out the story. It's a sweet story that develops as you'd expect, but it definitely bored me during the second half. 

I adore June and all her moments in the story. She's cute and adds a lot to the tale. She also makes me happy to have discovered this tale.

The Mandolin Lunch is well worth a read when you're in the mood for simple, sweet lesbian romance. But only read it if you enjoy descriptive writing. 

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