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South Main and Gentry (Willow Springs #1) by A.D. Ellis & Declan Rhodes


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Mitch Aiken serves up authentic small-town comfort food in Willow Springs’ South Main diner. Willow Springs is the kind of town where you hunt mushrooms in May while trying to avoid poison ivy. Mitch dominates the local food scene until young upstart Tanner Gentry arrives from Chicago to prove small-town foodies are aching for a contemporary approach to coffee and sandwiches.

The battle for the hearts and stomachs of Willow Springs residents is on with one major complication - the sexual chemistry between Mitch and Tanner is off the charts and everyone recognizes it except Mitch and Tanner themselves.

South Main and Gentry is a 53,000-word gay romance with enemies to lovers, age gap, and opposites attract themes. It is the first book in the Willow Springs series. All books can be read as standalone stories, but characters from each book will reappear across the series. A happily ever after ending is guaranteed.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

South Main and Gentry is a sweet, small town romance. AD Ellis and Declan Rhodes perfectly combine an age gap with opposites attract and enemies to lovers aspects. 

Overall, this is the story of two competitors trying to figure their way through their attraction. We see them slowly develop a friendship and then deal with their increasing feelings for each other. 

The business part is well done, with ups and downs between the men. They compete, they help, they hurt. I appreciate how well both places were brought to life, with their unique and special charms.

Mitch is so damn hurt from his past; unable to move past his pain. His diner means the world to him, not just as his livelihood, but as a way of holding onto his grandfather. With Tanner's new bakery offering so much to the town, it causes a lot of issues between the men. 

I love the slow burn between Mitch and Tanner. So much of this book is spent with them slowly going from rivals to friends. It takes a long time for a kiss to happen. Yay slow burn!

I definitely enjoy the men together, and my heart hurts for both of them. Mitch's anguish is well illustrated, as well as his pride. And Tanner's confusion, as he's finds himself enjoying small town life, takes a lot out of him. He came to town to start his business, planning to return to the city. Instead, he finds a new home in Willow Springs, which has a special small town feel, new friends, and the love of his life. Swoon.

The age gap is another large aspect of this tale. Mitch struggles with thinking a man so much younger would want to be with him. I love how all of this plays out.

The writing flows great and keeps the reader intrigued throughout. The storyline is sweet and the men are likeable.  The small town is fully brought to life and is definitely charming. Small things add up to make the town special. Even the mushroom hunting had me happy. 

South Main and Gentry is a fabulous small town romance. And the authors definitely end this one on a sweet note. I am excited for AD Ellis and Declan Rhodes to continue their collaboration. I hope to revisit this town often. 

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