Tuesday, January 12, 2021

PRE-RELEASE - Something About Loren by M.A. Innes


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Sometimes it takes a loved one to point out the obvious before we see it.

Loren knows he isn’t the most grown-up adult out there—though anyone who makes educational video games for kids can’t be too boring. Most guys he’s dated haven’t understood, but Gordon does. Loren’s loving boyfriend makes him feel special and cared for…but lately something’s changed.

Maybe leaving out crayons and buying dinosaur chicken nuggets wasn’t the best way to get Loren’s attention, but it worked.

Gordon knows Loren didn’t have the most emotionally supportive childhood, but the smart, funny man has grown into an excitable, loving boyfriend. However, when Gordon connects the dots and realizes there’s more to Loren’s desire to be young at heart than meets the eye, he knows it’s time to show Loren that sometimes being a grown-up means embracing your little side.

72k words

This story started out as a novella in the Dirty Daddies: 2020 Anniversary Anthology. It has been extended into a full-length novel with an additional 49k words added to the story. If you read the original novella and want to skip directly to the new portion, jump to chapter 11.

**Preorder sale. Price will increase at release.**

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow, Something About Loren is an amazing age play romance by MA Innes. I love this book. With age play being my favorite kink read, I love everything about this book. 

This is the expanded story of a novella that appeared in the Dirty Daddies 2020 Anniversary Anthology. The author left the novella as is and picks up after the ending. And it's fabulous! All of it!

Gordon and Loren are two men who were boyfriends for a year before discovering that an age play relationship is what they really need. 

The development into this relationship is fabulous. I love how Daddy takes things slow, trying to keep Loren calm as he tries to introduce new things. Slowly. And subtly.

And oh, the diapers. Love these scenes. 

Loren is a marvelous little. I love every emotion that being in little mode brings to him. 

There are some great side characters, a club, and plenty of amazing scenes with Loren playing with the his puppy friends. Oh, how my heart melts at these scenes. 

The writing is amazing, full of fabulous characters and a heartfelt storyline. It's everything I'd expect from MA Innes. And oh...the kink. MA excels in writing kink, especially age play. 

Something About Loren is a must read for fans of age play. 
Basically, MA Innes gives us littles and puppies. Oh my! Just read it and smile.

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