Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pillow Talk (On the Radio #1) by Pandora Pine

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Seduced by his voice…

Devastated by a cheating scandal that ended his marriage and nearly ruined his online dating service,, Logan Reid is a man on the verge of ending it all. A phone call out of the blue from the program manager of PRIDE XM Radio pulls Logan back from the brink. A job offer to host a late night call-in show for the lovelorn called Pillow Talk is a last shot for Logan, who is struggling to find a way to start over.

Bostonian Greyson Montgomery is dealing with a personal scandal of his own. Homeless and jobless after a disastrous relationship, he's forced to move back in with his parents and rebuild his shattered life. Alone and miserable, he tunes in to the debut of Pillow Talk and decides to call the dulcet-toned host with his own tale of heartbreak.

Ratings at PRIDE XM soar after Greyson's call to Logan, triggering the program manager to invite Grey to co-host Pillow Talk for a few weeks. This doesn't sit well with Logan, who thinks Grey is trying to steal his job.
Are these two broken hearted men too damaged to trust again, or will they take the opportunity to share some Pillow Talk of their own? 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Finally taking the time to read Pandora Pine's Pillow Talk, I now understand why so many people recommended it to me. 

This is an impressive and beautiful second chance at love romance. Logan and Gray are two men who have been burnt by past lovers. Logan's ex used him and publicly embarrassed him, ruining his livelihood in the process. 

In a unique idea, Logan and other interesting men are hired on to be radio talk show hosts. I love the idea behind this, and the way that everything is unveiled. It's fun, different, and well done. As for the relationship, Logan ends up connecting with a caller, with them eventually ending up as on air partners. 

Logan and Gray make a fantastic couple. Their relationship full of banter, serious talks, encouragement, and understanding. They are so much fun together. Add in the steamy scenes as they explore their chemistry, and things get even better. 

The writing is fabulous. The characters are complex and fully come alive. Both men are sympathetic characters who fully desire a happy ending. The storyline is compelling, leaving me wanting more from this group of radio men. 

Damn, I am elated that I finally read Pillow Talk. If you haven't read it yet, read it. It's the perfect choice when you're in the mood for a hurt/comfort read. A delightful story of giving yourself a second chance at love, you can't go wrong with these two men who help one another heal through the power of love. 

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